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St. Louis, Missouri, United States
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Born without arms, John Foppe has had to break down and re-engineer every aspect of day-to-day life. He learned that the inability to do something didn't rest on the lack of resources or vision - it's the emotional reaction to meeting an obstacle, even a small one, head on.

In the field as part of his master's degree in social work, John Foppe saw this scenario play out over and over. To his surprise, he discovered that some people are not willing to continue their improvement and instead have built ...

John's compelling presentation was a highlight of our annual gathering of more than 450 health care leaders. His powerful message and engaging style was not only thought-provoking, but it was universally well received!

Steven M. Barney, Senior Vice President - Human Resources - SSM Health Care

You opened a lot of people's eyes and the feedback I received was very positive. Several said it was just what they needed to hear.

Robin Wroble, PfAST Leadership Team - Pfizer, Discovery-Biology

Encouraging, caring, informative, humorous, life-changer--all describe John Foppe the man. Invite him to address your group. You and your people will benefit in your business . . . I guarantee it.

Zig Ziglar - Author/Motivational Teacher

We found very effective the way you have been able to conjugate our theories with the message implied in your speech that encourages responsibility and pro-activity rather than blaming hexogen factors.

Luciano Traquandi, Professor of Human Resource Management, Faculty of Economics - LIUC, University of Castellanza, Italy

People are still commenting on your seminar. You shattered the attendance record for an in-house Passport to Leadership session.

Casey Casort, Administrator and Tim Violette, Director - Space Systems, Rocketdyne, Propulsion and Power, Boeing
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