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Joel Widmer

Entrepreneur, Author, Teacher & Digital Marketing Strategist

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Joel Widmer

Digital Marketing Strategist and entrepreneur Joel Widmer understands how to help businesses structure marketing success. As Founder & CEO of Dallas-based Fluxe Digital Marketing--a marketing shop that specializes in content marketing strategy and training for businesses and authors-- he has worked with numerous name-brand publishers to help more than two dozen authors and thousands of bloggers create and execute digital marketing campaigns for their book launches. Additionally, his company has assisted national luxury brands, technology companies and restaurants.

Fluxe works by helping smart businesses create world-class content through a customized, one-on-one interview process that ultimately saves Widmer's clients valuable time via targeted information that ultimately delivers the necessary results for success in the business world. In addition, the company offers automation services for business marketing processes to make them more streamlined and remarkably efficient. Widmer has also served as an instructor of multiple online courses for some 5,000+ students.

Originally from Tillamook, Oregon, he has always had a passion for communicating ideas and information. Widmer worked as a DJ before relocating to Nashville to earn a Bachelor's degree in Marketing at Trevecca Nazarene University.

Time Management 101 Workshop

The Time Management course is a framework made up of the components that determine how you manage your time and energy so you’re spending more time on what’s important to you.

We’ll cover:
• What it takes to eliminate distractions and stay focused

• Setting goals that’ll actually motivate you (and if that’s enough)

• Planning and prioritizing your schedule

• How to handle time-wasters and other distractions

We’ll walk through each of these primary building blocks of time and energy management to get more of the right things finished.


Your prospects have already finished half their research before they raise their hand for help in the sales process.

So how do you guide their purchase decisions before you know who they are?

Joel Widmer teaches salespeople and marketers how to leverage Linkedin to:

• Influence and educate prospects through their sales journey

• Build & maintain a powerful personal and corporate brand

• Find and qualify better prospects more efficiently

• And create an effective routine using these strategies

Each participant will learn powerful strategies to leverage the tools and expertise they already have on Linkedin to increase sales and thought leadership.

Productivity Workshop

The Productivity Course is a toolbox for anyone who wants to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the things they already do every day. You’ll learn:
How to determine how productive you really are.
Powerful productivity tools to save time on monotonous activities.
Communication strategies for holding meetings and mastering email.
And much more.

I’ll walk you through exactly how to use these tools and strategies to get more done in the same amount of time every day.

Linkedin for EDU

n this hands-on talk, Joel Widmer teaches college students how to go from treating LinkedIn like a resume to their reputation. They’ll learn

• How to develop a professional brand on LinkedIn

• How to expand your network and attract opportunities

• How the most successful students are using LinkedIn in college

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