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Jim Wetherbee risk, safety, safety at work, leadership Jim Wetherbee risk, safety, safety at work, leadership
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Jim Wetherbee

Author: Controlling Risk—Thirty Techniques for Operating Excellence

About Jim Wetherbee

With thirty-five years of experience in high-hazard operational environments, Jim is passionate about helping leaders and operators in dangerous endeavors with critical mission objectives. He is the only astronaut to have commanded five missions in space (tied with one Russian cosmonaut), and the only person to have landed the Space Shuttle five times.

Jim began his career as a Naval Aviator aboard the USS John F Kennedy, flying the A-7 Corsair. In his second tour, he was a test pilot in the ...

It is truly amazing how Jim addresses risk in every task and activity he performs. His presentation stirred plenty of questions and discussion on managing risk vs controlling it. It was an honor to have Jim speak to our group and meet and talk with our crews.

David E. Simonelli, President Dredging Division - Great Lakes Dredge & Dock

A big kudos to Jim for working so hard this week. His experience and humility are a joy to be around. And the participants experienced being honored to hear from Jim.

Boeing/JMJ, Charleston, SC

A shout out to Jim Wetherbee for bringing down the house as the keynote speaker at the Boeing Safety Replication Event in Huntington Beach CA this week.

Boeing/JMJ, Huntington Beach

I have heard several comments from several attendees that they REALLY enjoyed your talk and were over the moon that we gave them personally autographed pictures from you.

Rachel T Teran, Client Relations, - Chicago Bridge and Iron Company

Your presentation beat the groups expectations! Several people approached me at break and said they really enjoyed your presentation.

Bill Clontz, Vice President - Project Services Oil & Gas

I absolutely cannot thank you enough for your wonderful presentation to our group. Without a doubt, every single person who attended thanked me for getting you as our speaker. So I must thank you for making me "look good". Everyone was thoroughly enthralled with everything you had to say and I know it was the best presentation I've had the pleasure of attending since I joined this group in 2005.

Joy Huntington - Friendship Force International
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