Daily Inspiration: "People will tell you that you've got no chance for success. Prove them wrong!"

"People will tell you that you've got no chance of success. Prove them wrong!" – Futurist Jim Carroll

If you are driven to success, you'll find that you are often surrounded by negative people. They can be a barrier to your efforts because they will do everything they can to get in the way of your achievement.

As a futurist, I certainly am! It seems to be a common career hazard.

I can hear it in the Q&A – most people will skew to the potential downside, not the upside.

I see it in the audience reaction as I see a small percentage squirm in their seats and scowl at my remarks – some people treat the future with fear and worry, rather than an opportunity to be pursued.

I see it in the session evaluations – for all the positive comments to my keynote, I see scathing reviews simply because I have taken people out of their comfort zones – they don't like change!

These negative attitudes seem to follow these people around – a cloud of doom seems to engineer their day to day activities. And given this, they are all too eager to project their attitudes onto you – trying to convince you to wallow in their misery and pessimism.

They'll tell you to limit your dreams, temper your expectations, stop trying so hard, just take it easy .. it's simply not worth, they'll say!

They want you to fail, because your downfall will help to validate their own lack of self-worth.

You really need to avoid these people!

Watch for them – be careful with them – and whatever you do, don't let their attitude get in the way of your drive for success!

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