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Jessica O. Matthews

Innovator and CEO, Uncharted

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Jessica O. Matthews
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Current: Owning Who You Are

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Owning Who You Are
Time 51:49
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Jessica O. Matthews
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Innovating During Times of Uncertainty
Turning Adversity Into Vision

Business and government leaders hold an important role in coming together to create solutions that enhance the lives and health of marginalized citizens, but it is particularly exciting when small businesses within these communities led by members of the marginalized group feel empowered to take action.

One company working toward closing the gap is Uncharted Power, a data and power infrastructure startup creating tech to support these very communities. Jessica O. Matthews, a black female founder and CEO, chose to build her company in Harlem to encourage diverse decision-making and uplift the surrounding community. In this talk, Jessica will discuss:

  • Challenges and gaps in access to info, education, and opportunity that she sees first-hand being immersed in this epicenter of diversity – and what her company is doing to address the problem in real-time. 
  • Heightened challenges in black and brown communities – such as limitations on working remotely, more common pre-existing health conditions, and lower-quality healthcare
  • How Uncharted Power is turning adversity into vision – doubling down their goal of expanding tech to support underserved communities 
  • And more.

Innovating During Times of Uncertainty
Adapting Your Business for the New Normal

The business world has transformed tremendously in recent times. Execs are forced to rethink how they operate, what they offer employees, and their greater long-term impact on society. But what does the current business landscape look like for smaller companies? Uncharted Power is a venture-backed small business in the niche power infrastructure space – if you subscribe to the theory of intersectionality, the nature of their business stacks all odds against them. But CEO and founder Jessica O. Matthews is using this time to breed new vision for her company.

If you’re exploring innovation and adaptation for your business, Jessica will share how Uncharted Power has pivoted in the new business world by doubling down on their mission of redefining power access and building smarter, safer cities. She will discuss:

  • The biggest challenges she has faced as a startup leader and how she’s turning adversity into vision
  • The need for small companies to see beyond their own path and understand how they interconnect with other businesses / the world
  • What the recent events have taught us about global infrastructure and how we can make updates to improve public health / lives
  • And more.

The Uncharted Path

Join Jessica as she shares how an energy-generating soccer ball launched a global power and data infrastructure company, the trends she believes will drive the industry in the next decade, and the role Uncharted Power's disruptive innovations will play in this new ecosystem.

Going Against Your Plan to Unlock Your Destiny

If entrepreneurial innovator and Uncharted CEO Jessica O. Matthews had followed through with the plans others had for her — and that she had for herself — she may never have set out on the path that has led to her becoming one of the leaders transforming cities across the world to be smarter and more equitable for all. Growing up, there were few examples for her to follow as a diverse woman making an impact in tech. Still her aptitude and ingenuity in tech and innovation were undeniable, and it led Jessica to discover the path that was always meant for her.

In this talk, Jessica reflects on her own story — beginning as a game-changing inventor in the renewable energy space to becoming one of the leaders powering the smart city revolution — to lead an eye-opening conversation on how each person can unlock their own destiny. As she outlines valuable strategies and action steps anyone can use to align their plans to purpose in pursuit of their destiny, she empowers a mindset shift that helps people get out of their own way on the journey to achieving everything they are capable of, and more.

Jessica O. Matthews
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Jessica O. Matthews

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