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Jeremy Rifkin

Economist, Philosopher and Social Critic

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Jeremy Rifkin
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Current: Vice: The Third Industrial Revolution Trailer

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Vice: The Third Industrial Revolution Trailer
Time 02:23
A History of the Future: The World in 2025
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The Third Industrial Revolution and a Zero Marginal Cost Society

The Global Economy is in crisis. Economists warn that we face another 20 years of declining productivity, slow growth, steep unemployment, and increasing inequality. The economic downturn is fueling growing discontent toward governing institutions and spawning extreme political movements around the world. And now, after 200 years of industrial activity, scientists report that climate change is ravaging the planet, taking us into the sixth mass extinction of life on Earth. Where do we go from here?

The Great Economic Revolutions in History
The Science of Productivity
A New Smart Infrastructure
Zero Marginal Cost and the Rise of the Sharing Economy
The Communication Internet
The Renewable Energy Internet
The Transportation and Logistics Internet
Financing the Transition
Two Generations of Mass Employment
A New Consciousness for a New Era
Rethinking Employment in an Automated Economy
Peer-to-Peer Education
An Empathic Counter-Narrative
A Biosphere Trade Agreement
Ecological Agriculture
The Water Energy Nexus
Leapfrogging Poverty in the Developing World
The New Digital Monopolies

Jeremy Rifkin
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Jeremy Rifkin

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