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Jeff Salz is an advocate of NOT taking the safe, secure and conservative path. With a PhD in cultural anthropology, a Masters in experiential education and 10 years as a highly regarded university professor, Jeff presents a unique perspective on taking risks. For the last 15 years, Jeff Salz has been safely guiding organizations through the turbulent seas of change and facilitating enhanced teamwork in organizations by helping them build 'cultures of authenticity'. He creates the foundation for adventurous thinking in your organization by presenting a unique perspective on taking risks. It's not the adventure that only occurs at rarefied air that he talks about... it's the adventure that occurs everywhere, everyday. Jeff Salz shows audiences that our life must consist of adventure for a truly meaningful workplace.

Jeff's best selling book, "The Way of Adventure: Transforming Your Life and Work with Spirit and Vision," is a 'manual' which assists organizations to keep the flame of adventure alive every day. To help audiences become leaders in their organizations, Jeff Salz reveals his Six Steps to the Top - the tools adventurers use to be the best they have ever been. These tools include instructions on the 'The Hero's Journey' - the roadmap through change. Jeff's presentations provide insight in four areas:

- Enhance teamwork by creating a culture of participation
- Foster innovation by becoming fearless in the face of failure
- Empower your team by setting a goal higher than Everest
- Optimize energy with the power of the aliveness factor

With strategies from "The Way of Adventure," Jeff Salz gives audiences clear instructions that enable them to put the passion and commitment of adventure to work in their organizations and daily life.

Important Info regarding Jeff:
- 10 years as a university professor
- Guest adventure expert for CBS Early Morning Show
- Discovery Channel film maker and host
- Creativity consultant for "The Lion King" production team