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Your ability to entertain while giving a strong, common sense approach to thinking outside the box made your presentation a highlight of the sessions.You showed us how all you need to do is increase the value of the proposition to outweigh the cost.
Ann Maliff - IBM International
I must thank you again, for an ABSOLUTELY engaging, informative, energizing and thoroughly delightful presentation! I've seen many workshops through the years in my previous marketing career with Hewlett Packard, but nothing in your league!
Carrie East - Promotional Products Association of Oregon and Washington
When we chose the theme "Outside the Lines" we had no idea what we were getting into. Nor did we realize that when one wants to create outside the lines, it can mean extra work, albeit "fun" extra work! The results of our labor were outstanding!
Heidi Schultz, Program Chair 1996 Iowa State Conference Society of Human Resource Managers - Management Resource Group, LTD
Boy, am I sorry I missed your program! I heard nothing but good things about it. Some said it was the best part of the staff meeting. You made a big impression and people carried a lot of messages out with them.
Joyce Abercrombie, MEd, CFCS; Director of Education - American Dairy Association & Dairy Council Mid East
Both of your sessions, Brain Sparking--It's Catching On! and Coloring Outside the Lines: Creative Sales and Marekting for the 21st Century were among the top rated sessions and--off the record--attendees reported that they were the most fun!
Judith S. Smith, Director of Education - Meeting Professionals International
I always find it tough to extend a recommendation on something as subjective as 'motivational speaker,' but you came through with flying colors! I heard nothing but praises for your program from very hard-to-please crowds that have "been there, done that.
Margaret Saldivar, Communications Specialist - Mettler-Toledo, Inc. Scales & Systems
The audience reception was absolutely phenomenal. Jeff most definitely achieved our objective. . . The audience got the message on change through creativity and many spoke about how this sentiment was applicable in both personal and professional life.
Radhika Zaveri, Marketing Manager - Stouffer's Single Serve and French Bread Pizza, Nestle USA
Jeff, thanks again for spending countless hours on the phone organizing our breakouts and contributing to the brainstorming process. Thanks also for engaging our people and providing something for everyone to take back to their work stations.
Ray Flautt, Organizational Capability - Chase Manhattan Bank
Thank you for your significant contribution to the ASAP training. This initiative has been considered a resounding success due to your outstanding facilitation & training expertise. From Chicago to San Francisco to Stamford, the feedback was enthusiastic.
Steven C. Gross - Pepsi-Cola Company