Jack Sheehan

Jack Sheehan

Author, Professional Keynote Speaker, Celebrity Host and Humorist

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
About Jack Sheehan

Jack Sheehan is considered by many to be one of the most entertaining and insightful humorists of his time. A 30-year Vegas insider, Jack is an "A" list guest at the most celebrated parties, and he is a preferred presenter at well-regarded special events, national conventions, and golf tournaments. Jack has been featured on many national news programs and documentaries: The History Channel, "Gambling In America"; ABC Primetime Live, "Vegas Special"; The Travel Channel, "Las Vegas--The Adult ...

When Celine Dion performed at our record-breaking fundraiser at Caesars, we knew that we needed someone with wit, charm, stage presence and a great voice to be the Master of Ceremonies . . . The list was short, and the only name on it was Jack Sheehan's.

Linda Smith - Opportunity Village

It was a pleasure having Jack as our keynote speaker in Las Vegas. Jack's firsthand anecdotes were funny and poignant, and entertaining. As a result, his dynamic keynote speech received positive reviews from our attendees.

Kara Codio - Marketing & Conference Manager, PGA Golf Exhibitions

Since 1990 Jack has been an integral part of our Las Vegas PGA Tour event. His contributions to our tournament have been fantastic. While he is an expert at golf his writing background allows him to captivate audiences on a great variety of subjects.

Charlie Baron - Tournament Director, Las Vegas PGA Tour Event
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