What Would You Do In a Terrorist Attack Or Disaster?


The attached photo could be YOU hunched under a desk. After MOST mock disaster drills, communication is identified as a weakness. We found a solution to the problem.

DIY MOBI is a pass code protected Mobile Web platform that users can drag and drop information, click, and the proprietary coding converts it into a responsive format (viewable anytime, anywhere on any device). Short videohttps://21stcenturysafety.com/diymobi/#  Information viewed can be updated CONSTANTLY during a crisis/attack/emergency. Key features: mobility, real time information, without IT. 

Following are examples of how these issues would be impacted IN REAL TIME.

  1. Location, description, and scale of the crisis pushed via e-mail or text to employees
  2. Code Red areas where the "threat" is active (i.e. live-shooter in Building ___, Concourse ___)
  3. Safe Areas where employees/visitors are advised to evacuate
  4. Database where employees can enter their location (safe, risk, unknown)
  5. Personnel can send information to the command center giving updates of their situation (5 shot, 2 fatal in building ___)
  6. Employees can upload photos, video, comments such as descriptions of the terrorists/gunmen, vehicle, license plate, etc.
  7. Safe areas where personnel can go to be identified, debriefed and picked-up
  8. Open shelter/safe haven locations/which ones have reached capacity
  9. Emergency phone numbers for easy access
  10. Internal news feed entered by the Command Center for updates of the situation in real time (i.e. blocked roadways)
  11. Preloaded videos for handling CPR, shock, bleeding, fractures, etc. until help arrives
  12. Emergency procedures manuals and

Paris 11-13-2015, USA ???  We cannot live in fear, but we cannot walk away from the inevitable, either. Call us for additional information. Our passion is to save lives, reduce injury and costs.

Source: Dr. Isabel Perry via LinkedIn

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