Dr. Holly G. Atkinson | Physician and author; Expert on women's health and wellness

Dr. Holly G. Atkinson

Physician and author; Expert on women's health and wellness

Dr. Holly G. Atkinson
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Best Medical Treatments for Women

For decades, the medical establishment ignored many diseases of women, conducted medical experiments with only male subjects and virtually failed to recognize the role of gender in healthcare. In this speech, Dr. Atkinson brings the audience up to date on the latest in women's health: what's hot, what's not, what's controversial and what questions women need to ask their doctors. In the question and answer period that follows, she fields questions about the best medical treatments for women for menopause, osteoporosis and Alzheimer's disease, breast cancer, weight loss, and whether or not vitamins are the secret of good health. Not to be missed.

Breast Health and Wellness

With breast cancer one of the leading cancer killers of women, it is especially important for today's women to understand breast health and wellness. Dr. Atkinson gives and information and delightful talk on the female breast and how to take care of it! The audience will learn about the normal anatomy and physiology of the breast (who ever taught us?), the signs and symptoms of common conditions and diseases of the breast and warning signs of breast cancer. Most importantly, the audience will learn how to maintain good breast health, gain an appreciation of self exam, clinical examination, and mammography, and learn what steps to take if they note any changes.

Conquering Heart Disease

Although we've made significant inroads against heart disease in the last 25 years, it is still the leading killer of American men and women. Dr. Atkinson shares with the audience the latest facts about heart disease, the recent revised weight recommendations, practical advice about diet and exercise and ways to manage stress and anger. This presentation can be specifically tailored to women, who still too often believe that only men have heart attacks. In the women-only event, Dr. Atkinson focuses on the role that estrogen plays in protecting a woman's heart, and whether or not taking hormone replacement therapy after menopause is a good idea. This presentation will be followed by a very lively question and answer period.

Consumer Health Trends and the Internet

The consumer revolution continues to alter the healthcare landscape. In her presentation, Dr. Holly Atkinson explores the major consumer trends in the marketplace, describes the impact these trends are having on the practice and delivery of healthcare, and discusses the impact consumers' wishes should have on healthcare organizations. Healthcare executives and clinicians have given this speech rave reviews because Dr. Atkinson is insightful in her criticism, funny in her presentation and inspirational about the possibilities for change.

Health and Human Rights

As we enter the 21st century, the belief in human rights as fundamental to life everywhere on the globe has taken center stage. Violations of human rights have a particularly devastating effect on people's mental and physical health. As President of the non-profit group Physicians for Human Rights, Dr. Atkinson gives a fascinating talk on the intersection of Health and Human Rights. She argues passionately that by protecting and promoting human rights both home and abroad, we can have a major impact on protecting and promoting health: our own health, the health of our children and the health and well-being of our planet. Promoting human rights is not just a luxury, but a necessity that is in our own best interest. Dr. Atkinson delivers this presentation for college audiences, business audiences and health care professionals.

Health and the Internet

As president of a very successful e-health company -- Reuters Health Information -- Dr. Atkinson is one of the leaders driving the Internet healthcare revolution. And what a revolution it will be! The Internet promises to succeed in reworking the healthcare system where generations of politicians have failed. The Web is empowering patients today in a way that will lead to significant shifts in how healthcare is practiced and delivered. Information, education, chat forums, support groups, drugs on line, q and a's with your doctor, advise, purchasing healthcare goods-all this instantaneously at your fingertips. In this speech, Dr. Atkinson explores the world of health on the web and explains how it will revolutionize the healthcare system. She delivers this speech for both a consumer and a business audience.

Medicine and the Media

With over 20 years of experience as a medical journalist, Dr. Holly Atkinson gives a fascinating talk on medicine and the media. She explores the challenges that consumers face today in sorting through the glut of medical information rdisseminated across the Internet One week the headlines rave about the benefits of antioxidant vitamins; the next week these vitamins are panned. Should you eat butter or margarine, which is best? So, how much exercise do you really need? Should menopausal women ever take hormones? Dr. Atkinson gives practical tips on how to read the medical news and sort through the clutter, and in the process, gives answers to many of burning questions that the health conscious audience is dying to ask.

The Five Keys to Maximum Health

"Maximum Health" doesn't just consist of the lack of illness and being in good physical shape. Maximum health is only achieved when an individual maximizes five critical dimensions in her or his life. Dr. Atkinson explores these five dimensions of maximal wellbeing, offering practical advice from recent medical research mixed with pearls of wisdom handed down through the ages for improving one's emotional, social, intellectual, physical and spiritual well being. "The Five Keys" is down-to-earth, warm, funny, and inspirational with loads of take home messages for both sexes and all ages.

Women and Fatigue
Effective Solutions

Dr. Atkinson wrote what's now considered the definitive book on the subject. After ten years, "Women and Fatigue" is still going strong, and Dr. Atkinson is still getting standing ovations from audiences when she delivers this incredibly inspirational speech. Fatigue is a very real problem for women that, too often, families and physicians fail to take seriously. Dr. Atkinson stresses -- to the great relief of women -- that fatigue is never a figment of their imagination. Most of time, there are several causes of a woman's fatigue and the good news is that something can be done about all of them. Dr. Atkinson shares with the audience the major energy drainers and major energy boosters, and gives countless practical tips on how to tip the balance in favor of the boosters. Every woman will come away from this speech having laughed a lot, and learned a lot not only about how to conquer her fatigue, but how to enhance her life.

Conquering Stress in Stressful Times

The collapsing economy has sent stress levels soaring. Increased economic hardship—added to balancing work and family, caring for aging parents, and coping with the daily onslaught of demands, just to name a few—have all contributed to unprecedented levels of stress. Women are particularly hard hit given our multiple roles. Dr. Holly explains what stress is, the role it plays in chronic disease, and most importantly, what we can do to stop it dead in its tracks. She teaches powerful stress busting techniques and helps participants turn their chronic stress into a source of inspiration and change.

The Best Diet for Women

The diet wars are over! Or at least they should be, for we now know what the best diet is to lose weight and improve health. We have clear evidence on what we should eat to shed pounds, reduce inflammation, and add years to our lives. The Mediterranean diet is close to ideal—rich in vegetables, fruits, legumes, cereals, fish, olive oil and, yes, a bit of red wine with meals. In this funny and life-changing keynote, Dr. Holly not only shares the latest information on the best diet, she also teaches powerful techniques for setting goals and achieving breakthrough success.

Trends among the Gatekeepers
Womenfluence™ in the Marketplace

Women control the vast majority of buying decisions in America, from cars to healthcare. Thus, women have assumed the crucial role of gatekeeper, or key decision maker. Because women are early adopters of healthcare innovations, they also drive influential trends in the medical field. Understanding these trends is vital to the success of any healthcare enterprise. In this must-hear speech, you’ll discover the latest trends in health and wellness and learn how to talk to women—your most important customer!

How to LIve The Long, Good Life

We are living in “a land flowing with milk and honey” and it is killing us. Our Western lifestyle drives inflammation in the body, which plays a primary role in the development of our killer diseases. Our society also promotes shallow and self-centered behavior, leading to depression and despair. Our deliverance, insists Dr. Holly, will come not from diet or exercise alone, but from expanding our sense of what it means to live a good life. In this hard-hitting and life-changing session, participants discover how to achieve their lifestyle goals of losing weight, looking better and feeling younger; cool the flames of inflammation and unleash the body’s natural sources of healing and energy; infuse purpose and meaning into their lives; and create more joy and fulfillment in life.

Good Health in Hard Times

Good Health in Hard Times
In this practical, reassuring and inspiring speech, Dr. Atkinson cuts through the clutter of information to give your audience the bottom line on achieving optimal health. She goes straight to the heart of matter, teaching participants where they’ll get the “biggest bang for their buck.” Because we all increasingly have limits on our energy and finances, Dr. Atkinson focuses on what’s really important. She reveals what works, what doesn’t, and where we should spend our precious time and hard-earned money to achieve optimal health.

In this session, participants will learn:
• Which lifestyle behaviors really deserve our attention;
• What is “must have” versus what is dispensable;
• Where to find the best values—in food, vitamins, and medications.

This speech is a must hear for anyone interested in staying healthy in hard times!

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