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Performance, Leadership, Attitude and Mental Toughness

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Glenn Carver

Glenn Carver is the Chief Entrepreneurial Officer of HEAT Ventures, LLC, a media production company designed to inspire people worldwide to realize their greatest potential through his speaking, writing, television production and online information products.He is on the Advisory Board of EpiCenter which is the home of the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame.In February 2010, Glenn was inspired to write his first book on entrepreneurship called "Stand in the Heat - Lessons from Legendary Entrepreneurs on Staying Cool under Pressure". Stand in the HEAT is a survival guide for entrepreneurs and it is Glenn's personal mission to empower today's entrepreneurs with inspiration and strategies for long-term success.Stand in the HEAT received early praise from personal development legend, Brian Tracy who said, "This could be one of the most important books ever written." In September 2012, Glenn was interviewed by Inc. Magazine on how corporations can cultivate the "entrepreneurial spirit" within their culture.

Stand in the HEAT

Using Honor, Enthusiasm, Action and Tenacity to Build a Thriving Business

HEAT is an acronym for Honor, Enthusiasm, Action and Tenacity;
four characteristics essential for successful entrepreneurship and business development.

The coursework is rooted in the following areas:
• Mental toughness
• Breaking through fear
• Willingness and ability to find the opportunity in adversity
• Leadership and self-responsibility
• Maintenance of a superior attitude

Learning Objectives:
1. Manage your emotions by releasing fear and stress in a systematic process.
2. Visualize your outcome with crystal clarity and attract your ideal clients.
3. Use daily action and accountability (reward and consequence) to drive results.
4. Understand that you can “Be, Do and Have” a predictable and profitable business with the correct mindset, plan and behaviors.

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Glenn Carver

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