Gina Schaefer | Developing urban markets, supporting small businesses and helping women to succeed

Gina Schaefer

Developing urban markets, supporting small businesses and helping women to succeed

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Gina Schaefer
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Second Chances
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The Return to Main Street
Shop Local

Nicknamed “Chief Localist” Gina has worked tirelessly in her hometown of Washington, DC to spotlight urban growth and how that translates to the rebirth of Main Street USA. American migration back into urban centers has opened up countless opportunities to serve the city dweller. Gina and her team have put a spin on the traditional field of hardware to create 12 mini-DIY oases in DC and Baltimore. Gina also shares both her team members and her own stories about success and second chances.

Audience member takeaways include:

1. Ways to connect with a local customer base
2. Methods for determining where to plant business roots
3. How and where to look for inspiration

Audiences: entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate executives, boards, franchises, co-ops, and more.

Recovery Hardware

The world needs more businesses to give second chances. With over 300 employees from all walks of life, Gina loves to share her favorite business inspirations with her audiences and highlight how, with these inspirations, her team has created a culture of second chances in her hardware company. Interwoven with stories about combating big competitors like chain stores and on-line retailers, Gina shares how a strong company culture and calculated community involvement can help an underdog succeed.

Audience member takeaways include:

1. Looking for inspiration around the globe
2. Creating a culture of inclusivity
3. How to have fun in retail when the competition for customers and employees is tough

Audiences: business owners, entrepreneurs, cooperatives, non-profit organizations, franchisors, and franchisees.

Women in Non-Traditional Careers

Gina’s message resonates strongly with a female audience defying the odds or seeking entrepreneurial endeavors. She believes strongly that all fields are “male and female fields” and has helped lead the way in the hardware world for more women in leadership and ownership roles.

Audience member takeaways include:

1. Finding your inspiration and voice
2. Learning how, when and WHY to self-promote
3. Balancing what you do know with what you DON’T

Gina caters this message to female audiences as well as any audience trying to engage female entrepreneurs, women business owners, a more diverse customer or employee base, and more.

Sm(ALL) Business Succession Planning

Gina Schaefer has spent years studying, observing, and participating in succession planning activities that ultimately led to the sale of her own business in a well thought out and successful exit strategy.    


As a board member on two multi-billion dollar companies, Gina had a front row seat to CEO and executive succession plans that taught her valuable transition lessons that she shares with her audience.   


In this energetic 45-minute keynote presentation, Gina will walk you through the steps needed to craft your own succession plan, regardless of the size of your business. Whether you are part of a small family-owned enterprise or a large national one, the critical steps are the same for all businesses.  

Audiences will: 

  • Learn how to draft a succession plan that fits their own financial goals  
  • Discover how proper planning will help eliminate the emotional complications that succession planning can create 
  • Hear about succession and exit options – from liquidation to private equity to a sale to your employees 
  • Begin to document the timeline they need to make their own succession a success 
  • Hear Gina’s transition story including the costs, pitfalls, and triumphs 

Gina Schaefer
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Gina Schaefer

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