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Few people have influenced the day-to-day performance of professionals and organizations more than Fawn Germer. The sought-after, bestselling Oprah-featured author, speaker and business consultant is revered for her authenticity and inspiration. She is respected around the world for her groundbreaking work on the leadership and performance dynamics that teach others how to deal with obstacles, then drill down and deliver. Fawn is an expert on change and viability, showing how to turn the stress of ...

Fawn Germer is an original – someone who brings out the best in her audience because she shows how to expect and embrace obstacles because opportunity hides inside of them. She’s funny, inspiring and, for me, a real life-changer.

Kathy Casey, Vice President, U.S. Channels - Kellogg Company

From the first moment you meet her, you know that Fawn is real. Her down to earth, inspirational message is genuine. She is able to connect with and relate to everyone in her audience through her experiences and upbeat personality.

Christopher Iacoli, President - Collegiate Athletic Business Management Association for the NCAA

Fawn is a very engaging speaker and she connects with the audience in a very genuine, authentic and spellbinding style.

Wayne Strickland, President - General Manager Team Walmart & Sam’s Club Hallmark Cards

WOW. Fawn is terrific, she absolutely understands the issues. More important, she knows how to truly connect with men and women to help them understand how to capture opportunities and challenge themselves. Fawn’s realism comes across both as a speaker and author. She has lived her lessons and her honesty makes a difference.

Kathy Hannan, Managing Partner - KPMG

Fawn Germer’s powerful points about taking initiative and overcoming obstacles are outstanding. Her down-to-earth style, personal experiences and sense of humor drive her message home.

Paulo Costa, former CEO - Novartis
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