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Eleanor Roosevelt - world advocate of human rights
Eleanor Roosevelt is an enigma. Shy and insecure, she awakened the nation to the needs of those alienated in American society. The champion of work training, social integration, better housing, government support of the arts, expanded health care, and the rights of women and children, she was...
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Carry A. Nation - the hatchet-wielding saloon smasher
Carry Nation was known to many as a good neighbor, a friend to those in need, and a loving, caring Christian. Others denounced her as a quack, a humbug, a bully, a busybody, and a common scold. When Carry entered a saloon, carrying a shiny new hatchet and singing one of her temperance songs, even...
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Bella Abzug-- fought to bring equality and power to women all over the world
Bella came into the world “yelling” and she kept yelling the rest of her life -- for the causes in which she believed. Bella Abzug was a fighter for justice and peace, equal rights, human dignity, environmental integrity and sustainable development. Her work and vision advanced human goals and...
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Alice Paul - gave to women the essence of freedom
In 1912, Alice Paul organized the National Women’s Party. Under Paul's leadership, the NWP injected a renewed militancy into the American campaign for women suffrage. They held street meetings, distributed pamphlets, petitioned and lobbied legislators, and organized parades, pageants, and...
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Franklin and Eleanor - the world's most influential couple
Serving as a unique and powerful team, they led America through the great depression and a world war. Their leadership dramatically altered America and the world. Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt became the most influential people on earth for 12 years (1933-1945). Dr. Gary Gray and Erma Stewart...
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