Help Your Team Take Risks


As leaders, we want our teams to be innovative, creative, and competitive in their fields. We want them to try new ideas and push the limits. But, not all teams are willing to take these risks. Why?

Over the years, one of the most common fears I coach clients to overcome is the fear of failure. People often make the incorrect assumption that success is determined by the least number of mistakes. This is not always true. Mistakes can lead to learning and growth and better ideas. But, this can only happen when we see mistakes as stepping stones to the next level. We cannot let the fear of failure keep us from unleashing more of our potential or the potential of those around us. 

How, as leaders, do we do this? We admit mistakes openly to our team. I talk about this kind of vulnerability in my Lead With Purpose trainings. When leaders are willing to share their mistakes, the team can remove some of the pressure to be perfect, allowing for more risk and greater reward. 

The mistakes made while striving for goals (not those made from incompetence) help to course correct in order to reach the right destination. So, Leaders, use your own stories to inspire your team to overcome setbacks and continue to push towards the desired outcome. Be the inspiration that your team needs to outperform their own expectations.

Eric Boles: NFL Player, Expert in Leading & Managing Change, Leadership, Peak Performance and Personal Growth

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