Clarity in Communication

In my previous blog I talked about one mistake I often see leaders make regarding results and relationship (Here is a link).

I want to share another mistake leaders make. It's in the area of communication. In my humble opinion, leaders spend too much time trying to draft clear communication versus spending time clarifying communication with the people who are receiving it. It takes time to make sure people are hearing what you intend them to hear. Confusion diminishes effectiveness, clarity enhances it. There is nothing more heartbreaking in sports than a really talented, dynamic confused ball player, because confusion is a retardant for high performance. Too often leaders are thinking about what they are saying more than figuring out what the other person understands. Clarity creates focus, alignment and speed. 

We can work towards clarity by the simple practice of asking:
Tell me what you heard?
What have we agreed upon?

These small actions have major impact on results. 

I have coaches and leaders whose strongest competency was in gaining clarity. This allowed each of them to successfully lead in a variety of completely different industries throughout their careers.  Not only could they learn the business, but their true strength of knowing people and creating alignment amongst teams helped them succeed. This happens because of communication clarity not just giving a clear message, but making sure the clear message is heard and understood.Live and Lead Inspired!

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