Elizabeth Dixon

Elizabeth Dixon, Marketing, Future of Work Elizabeth Dixon, Marketing, Future of Work

Elizabeth Dixon Bio

Elizabeth Dixon is an engaging business leader and serial entrepreneur connecting with executives and their teams, integrating strategy, innovation, leadership, and personal development in speeches that ignite conversation and inspire purposeful action.

She shares secrets to creating exceptional customer experiences for audiences world-wide at live events and through virtual video resources, consulting, and The Power of Customer Experience, her debut book outlining proven elements for lasting impact in what has become the most crucial component of business success.

Blessed to work for extraordinary brands including Disney World, Gap, YMCA, and Cooper Aerobics Center, mentored by renowned leaders including Dan Cathy and Horst Schulze, Elizabeth brings almost 20 years of experience as a leader at the Chick-fil-A Support Center, where she served in Service & Hospitality, Strategy, Research & Development, and Human Resources. She has also collaborated with the great brands of Southwest Airlines, Drury Hotels, Zappos, and Wegmans.

Always growing, always creating, Elizabeth’s current role is Executive Director of Trilith Foundation, reporting to Dan Cathy, Chairman of Chick-fil-A. She has founded, operated, and sold several small businesses while coaching emerging entrepreneurs toward success in achieving their business goals.

In her leisure time, Elizabeth enjoys being a student of cooking with her daughter, an average backyard soccer player with her son, a vigorous reader, and an adventure enthusiast with her family.