Elizabeth Dixon | Customer Experience Champion, Keynote Speaker, Consultant and Author of The Power of Customer Experience

Elizabeth Dixon

Customer Experience Champion, Keynote Speaker, Consultant and Author of The Power of Customer Experience

Elizabeth Dixon

Elizabeth Dixon is a winsome business leader and serial entrepreneur connecting with executives and their teams, integrating strategy, innovation, leadership, and personal development in speeches that ignite conversation and inspire purposeful action.

She shares secrets to creating exceptional customer experiences and finding purpose for audiences worldwide at live events and through virtual video resources, consulting, and her books, The Power of Customer Experience, outlining proven elements for lasting impact in what has become the most crucial component of business success, The Strength of Purpose, a guide to knowing and living your reason for being, and The Strength of Purpose Handbook, a guide for crafting purpose, journaling progress and setting goals to live your reason for being.

Blessed to work for extraordinary brands including Disney World, Gap, YMCA, and Cooper Aerobics Center, mentored by renowned leaders including Dan Cathy and Horst Schulze, Elizabeth brings almost 20 years of experience as a leader at the Chick-fil-A Support Center, where she served in Service & Hospitality, Strategy, Research & Development, and Human Resources.

Always growing, always creating, Elizabeth’s current roles include CEO of Trilith Foundation, focused on inspiring human flourishing, reporting to Dan Cathy, Chairman of Chick-fil-A; and she leads Slumber Sleepwear, a luxurious sleepwear company, as Founder and CEO.

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The Art of Never Arriving

How to pursue innovation at every level of the organization

For many athletes, a signature of success is the awarding of the coveted cover spot of Sports Illustrated magazine; the biggest stars in the game, the heaviest hitters on the field, and the current champions in the ring get the call they’ve always dreamed of.

That’s where the jinx comes in. Over the years, an incredible number of athletes featured on the cover have been met with failure soon after their cover is published. That same jinx seems to be in play for businesses that find themselves in the same position.

How can we avoid the decline after a peak?

Elizabeth Dixon will help you purposefully pursue life-giving innovation and iteration for your brand, ensuring your company thrives for years to come.

To Know Them is to Love Them

How to know and serve your Customers effectively

What if your company had insight into the needs and wants of your customer and could deliver on those consistently? It’s true: Customer obsessed companies create company obsessed customers.

Brands that are obsessed with their customers succeed. Elizabeth Dixon knows how to discover what customers want and how to turn that knowledge into processes, products, and experiences, delivering to customers what they want, when they want, where they want, and how they want.

You will leave inspired and equipped to become a brand that customers trust with their time, their money, and their attention. After all, when you intentionally know who you are serving, you will be able to serve them intentionally.

Dare to be Different

How to set your organization apart in a competitive industry

What is your differentiator to a distracted Customer?

Here’s the deal: Companies can’t compete on products or services alone. It’s too easy for competitors to copy or replicate. So, if you want your business to do more than merely survive, thriving in a constantly changing and increasingly competitive market, you’ve got to define your differentiator by thinking beyond the basics, focusing on what sets you and your brand apart, and determining what makes your customer experience unique and memorable.

Elizabeth Dixon can help.

In this talk, Elizabeth will guide toward defining, assessing, and highlighting differentiators making your company unique in your industry and succeeding against the competition.

What’s On Your Mind?

Uncovering the driving force behind your behaviors, decisions and outcomes - in business and life.

You become what you think.

So will your company.

Elizabeth’s extensive experience with companies who set the bar for Customer Experience like Chick-fil-A, Disney, and Ritz Carlton allows her to bring a unique perspective toward customer mindset, helping countless others reimagine their purpose and impact.

In this presentation, we’ll take an intentioned examination of company and personal mindsets for front-line magic makers, managers, and C-level decision makers, leaving you inspired and ready to “re-envision” the very thing that drives your behaviors and outcomes. Moving beyond the theoretical, Elizabeth provides practical steps to establish a clear purpose for making daily decisions at the front counter, during team meetings, and when charting the course of your business.

Elizabeth Dixon
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Elizabeth Dixon

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