Ed Smart Bio

Ed Smart is the father of Elizabeth Smart, who was abducted on June 5th , 2002, and miraculously rescued nine months later. Through the loss and return of his daughter, he passionately sought the passage of the "Amber Alert," for the protection and rescue of other children. For the benefit of all children, he lobbied Congress and the Senate tirelessly to prevent further abductions and to rescue missing children.

Ed has been involved in numerous conferences designed to further the awareness and cooperation in the area of child protection within law enforcement, media, and the public. Ed Smart's commitment to the importance of family and the protection of our children has brought a heightened awareness to the need of every child to feel safe and secure.

Ed Smart is the owner of a real estate and mortgage company based in Salt Lake City. He graduated from George Washington University with a BBA in Finance and an MBA with an emphasis in Urban Planning. He and his wife Lois reside in Salt Lake City, Utah.