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Doc Blakely

Cavett Award winning speaker and humorist

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Doc Blakely

Doc Blakely is the author of seven books, a popular humorist, musician, rancher and one of the most creative forces on the world platform scene. The National Speakers Association awarded him its highest honor, the Cavett Award, recognizing his unique place as one of America's funniest and most entertaining speakers. Audiences around the world appreciate his first-rate, clean humor, and timely anecdotes. He is also a talented musician, performing a two-man western musical show with his son, novelist Mike Blakely. A hit from Austin to Boston, "Doc Blakely and the Swing Riders" have received rave reviews throughout America.

Doc Blakely is one of the most acclaimed humorists in the speaking world today. Author of seven books including Keep 'Em Laughing and The Handbook of Wit and Pungent Humor, regular weekly columnist of the syndicated humor column "Pokin' Fun," and member of the National Speaker's Association Hall of Fame, Doc Blakely has been wowing audiences for over 30 years. All done with good, clean humor! But don't let his humor filled style fool you. Doc (his real name) actually holds an earned Ph.D. and packs his fun presentations with great food for thought that help audiences open up, take a look at themselves, and learn new ideas that foster communication, success, and a positive outlook on life.

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Indispensable Habits of Success : Such prestigious institutions as Harvard University and the Wharton School of Finance studied traits of successful people for over 20 years. Doc adds a full dose of original humor to illustrate the principle points which can be seen here.

Accent on Laughter: Doc finds a uniquely positive and humorous way to look at the many nationalities – and their ACCENTS – that make up this country. The talk hits home when Doc puts the "accent" on sales, customer service, safety, excellence or whatever the organizations’ needs are.

To Soar With Eagles: Inspired by Doc’s personal experiences in learning to fly, Doc shows us that by using the principles of faith, service, wisdom, action, artistry and security we can rise above life’s challenges – and maybe even learn to fly. The program is filled with hilarious stories that drive home a very important message.

Success Comes In Cans: This talk is inspired by the cattlemen who gathered at the local honky tonk in South Texas and drank out of tin cans. The longer they drank, the more successful they seemed to be. The myth, of course, explodes when daylight and sobriety prevail.

Livin’ On Love and Laughter: You may or may not be surprised that the secret to life is revealed in a country western song, but according to Doc they are! This two-part talk takes us through a philosophy filled with fun that allows us to spend more time grazin’ on greener pastures, livin’ on love and laughter.

The Gift of Laughter: The gift of laughter is a free bonus to all that come along for the ride. With this talk, Doc leaves little doubt that your attitude reflects your latitude! Doc gives us a way to get serious about success, to succeed where others fail and most importantly to leave ‘em laughing.

The length of these presentations range from 45-90 minutes. After dinner talks may need to be modified to 30-45 minutes.

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Doc Blakely

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