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Devin Siebold

Devin Siebold, Education k-12 Education, education, comedy Devin Siebold, Education k-12 Education, education, comedy

Devin Siebold Text Reviews

Devin was incredible! He was the perfect blend of humor and sincerity. He offered great stories on taking a poor situation and finding ways to laugh it off. He was 100% representative of Surviving AND Thriving!


A wonderful keynote and breakout session. I have heard nothing but great things from teachers here in Dublin.

Leadership Academy Dublin Schools

Thanks again for brightening our staff members' day. They thoroughly enjoyed the event. Sadly, I had to follow up after your meeting. Man...what a bummer for them.

Superintendent - Hudson ISD

What a great way to start the last day of AeriesCon...with lots of laughs!


Your comedic topics were current, fresh and trendy. There was something for everyone as your sharp talents allow you to reach out to all ages. Everyone in the audience made a connection.

We were laughing within minutes of your introduction. Your spontaneous and professional humor was energizing!

Michelle Moss, Director - Harrison Ranch

Devin was very funny and we enjoyed him immensely. He had material they could relate to and they found him entertaining. He did a Q & A at the end so they could ask about his experiences with comedy.

Heather E - Admiral Farragut Academy

He's the comedian that makes you laugh non-stop. We had a mix of audience members in our club but they were entertained from start to finish.

Jeffrey Quicksell - Edgewater, FL

Devin did everything with a smile. He was well received by the participants and the feedback that was given was all positive. Everyone that attended his keynote and session thought it was great. I definitely think his being there helped set the mood for the teachers. We appreciate his willingness to interact with the teachers. We hope to utilize his services in the future.

Thank you for making this entire process painless and easy. It was a pleasure to work with you.

Melanie Hendrix - Florida Council for the Social Studies