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One of the magazines I enjoy reading is the Harvard Business Review. While some HBR articles are a bit too academic for my tastes, and many of the writers seem to have an unusual fondness for the word “indeed,” the magazine definitely makes me think about business in new ways.

The February, 2009 HBR had an article titled, “Moon Shots for Management,” written by management guru Gary Hamel. The article focused on what Hamel calls Management 2.0 - the next phase of management practice. He and a group of scholars and business leaders tracked the evolution of management and concluded that what got us to where we are won’t get us to where we need to go. More importantly, they outlined what they feel is needed to succeed in the future.

I want to share one quote from the article that made me stop and think about possibilities, and got me excited about the role of management in the future - Management 2.0.

“Instead, (managers) will need to become social architects, constitution writers, and entrepreneurs of meaning. In this model the leader’s job is to create an environment where every employee has the chance to collaborate, innovate, and excel.”

I love the idea of leaders being “entrepreneurs of meaning.” When an organization’s employees find meaning in their jobs, they can’t help but perform at higher levels than those who see their jobs as a series of meaningless tasks that serve no purpose beyond making money for the company. In many jobs, a higher purpose isn’t immediately apparent, but I believe that every job does have meaning and purpose beyond the job’s tasks. Helping employees to find that meaning is exciting.

HBR charges for reprints of their articles, so I can’t provide you with a link directly to the content. But this link will take you to where you can purchase it - HBR Article Link. I think it’s worth the $6.50 for the download.

As a leader, what would you do differently if your title was changed to “Entrepreneur of Meaning?

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