Dawnna St Louis | Founder of The Platform Expert and Former C-Level Executive of an International Business Intelligence Consulting Firm

Dawnna St Louis

Founder of The Platform Expert and Former C-Level Executive of an International Business Intelligence Consulting Firm

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Dawnna St Louis

Dawnna St Louis is the CEO of Next Up Now, an Innovation Consultancy. In her day-to-day role she predicts the future of business and re-energizes creativity. She questions "best-practices" and drives ideas from whiteboard to boardroom to bottom-line. Dawnna's roots are in the technology space. She began as a programmer who went on to be the co-founder of a highly successful International Business Intelligence Consulting firm operating in 25 countries around the world. Today, 100s of organizations and executives have tapped into Dawnna's knowledge to discover how to lead great ideas into the marketplace. Before her consultancy success and work as a top leading innovation keynote speaker, Dawnna earned certifications in several Object Oriented Programming Languages including Java and C#. She went on to become a Certified Project Management Professional, a Process Improvement Black Belt, and earned her Bachelors Degree in Information Technology.

Dawnna St Louis
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Win the Future
What Kick-Ass Winners Dare to Do, That Others Don't

Winners know that you don't have to practice to be in last place. But to own the leaderboard you must think like a winner, act like a winner, and want to take the winning shot at the buzzer... even if it misses.

This winner's mindset propelled Dawnna from homeless teenager to founder/COO of a $250M tech consultancy. Discover what it takes to compete with the best and win the future when you don't have the pedigree, the blueprint, or the education.

In this hilarious rollercoaster ride, Dawnna will take you on the journey that led to her unlikely success. So strap in, hold on, and discover how to:

• 3 hacks that increase your chances of winning
• Break the bank with 6ix daily high-performance habits
• Stay hungry even when your trophy case overflows
• Eradicate blindspots that are blindsiding your success
• Win the game with the four laws of a winner's mindset

Perfect when: You want to think and live like a winner. Set bigger goals and reach them. Dominate a hyper-competitive market

Not good if: You are good with where you are. Have no interest in growth. Have no clue what exponentially means

Wicked Persuasion. Epic Influence. How to Have Darth Vader-like Influence without All the Dark Side Stuff

Ever need to get people moving in the same direction? Whether you have to get buy-in. Or influence teams. Or just make magic happen so stuff can get done, then you need Darth Vader-like influence without all the dark side stuff.

Don’t worry… you won’t need a light saber. (… just kidding… you can have a light saber.).

As the persuasion guru in her own $250M tech consultancy, Dawnna’s mentor—a 30 year FBI Hostage Negotiation veteran—taught her the art of “ethical manipulation” used to influence even the toughest naysayer. Yeah… even that guy.

In this irreverently funny and content-rich program you will discover:

• How to avoid that one mistake we’ve all been taught to make
• 7 triggers that woo your target to want to take action
• How to transform adversaries into big-idea advocates
• 5 tactics to get insider secrets they said they’d never share
• Irresistible messaging strategies that trigger action

Perfect for: Leaders, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Emerging Leaders, anyone that has to make decisions and wants to empower their team members to move forward faster.

Not good for: People who want to dress up like Darth Vader at work or learn actual magic tricks.

Holy Mother of Negotiations
Deal-Closing Negotiation Tactics Learned from a Veteran FBI Hostage Negotiator

You’re the closer. You handle the tough deals. Negotiations are in your blood. And while that last deal was good you still feel like there was still a little money left on the table.

You only get one shot at a ROI-increasing, leaderboard-owning, competition-crushing negotiation. So just nailing it isn’t an option. You gotta own it.

Armed with lessons from her mentor, a 20 year FBI Hostage Negotiations Veteran, Dawnna created high-powered negotiation strategies that transformed a tech start-up into a $250M boutique consultancy. Imagine what you're deal-closing resume' will look like when you know how to pull the strings behind deal.

In this content-rich program, you'll close bigger better deals faster when you discover how to:

• Nail the 3 secrets to power-up your negotiations;
• Influence deeper conversations for more information
• Maximize profits on big money-making deals fast;
• Leave no cash behind with this can’t lose triple threat tactic;
• Beat the odds even when the deck is stacked against you

Perfect for: Sales Pros, Business Owners, Leaders, Contractors, Direct Sales, and anyone responsible for negotiating contracts.

Not good for: People who don’t like owning the negotiations power position.

Monster Sales. Deeper Pockets. How Superstar Sales Pros Close Monster Deals Faster

Have you ever seen a rock star sales pro? Their trophy case is full. They're always at the top of the leaderboard. And they struggle to fit all their accolades on a two page resume’. Ever wish you were that kind of power player?

You can copy all the tactics; And even duplicate the strategies, but until you can think and act like a winning sales pro—you'll just be another wannabe.

That's where Dawnna comes in. It was her ability to crack the secret superpowers of superstar sales pros that allowed her to close bigger deals faster and grow a tech start-up into a multi-million dollar consultancy. It's time to be an in-demand sales pro and break beyond expectations.

Get ready to crush your goals when you discover:

• 7 triggers that woo your target to want to take action
• 6 daily deal closing actions that boost sales in 90 days
• 5 high-powered negotiating tips for bigger wins
• The magic customer quadrant to unlock insider secrets
• The triple-threat offer model that increases profits

Perfect for: Sales Pros, Business Owners, Contractors, Direct Sales, and anyone responsible for producing profits.

Not good for: People who don’t like making money.

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Dawnna St Louis

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