David Korins | Award-Winning Creative Director and Designer, Designed for Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen, Design The World To Get What You Want

David Korins

Award-Winning Creative Director and Designer, Designed for Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen, Design The World To Get What You Want

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David Korins

David is an award-winning creative director and designer based in New York City. He is the founder and principal owner of David Korins Design, a multidisciplinary creative firm that develops and designs 360-degree, fully immersive live experiences. Most notable are his designs for the Broadway smash hits Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen, but there is so much more to his expertise than just scenic design. From creative direction, to technology, to entrepreneurship, David helms his career with one ruling dogma: "Design the world to get what you want."

David's message is simple, strong, and effective. If you have a goal, message, or emotion you're trying to get across, he has a master's degree in turning a psychological desire into a physical space. Whether it's your career path, your group of friends, or your living room, everything needs to be carefully curated to suit your needs and achieve your goals.

That's where David comes in. Through myriad one-of-a-kind class-act collaborations, he can show you how you can take control of your personal life, space, and attachment to the environment you interact with every single day in order to be more efficient and effective. If you know an outcome you want to have in a conversation, David can explain how to change and manipulate the environment to make that happen. If you're a salesman, he can make you more effective at closing the deal. If you're a stay at home parent, he can teach you how to design your living room to maximize quality family time. No matter your goal, he can find a way to ensure that the space you create puts you on the path to achievement. Think it's impossible? He's got 20+ years of experience Jedi mind-tricking the world into getting what he wants. If you don't believe him, take it from anyone on his list of world-class collaborators: Lin Manuel-Miranda, Lady Gaga, Kanye, Google, Michael Kors, and dozens more. He has spoken and shared his gift all over the country, including at Chicago Ideas Week, Yale University, Sotheby's in New York City, and TEDxBroadway. Whether in an institution, a boardroom, or a Fortune 500 company, David has engaged as a consultant and thought leader for major brands, networks, and IP. He has been profiled in publications such as New York Times, Forbes Magazine, New York Magazine, Vogue, Bloomberg, and CBS Sunday.

David Korins
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Revelations of Space

Step one: therapy. Step two: design. Step three: build. David takes you through the process of how to understand how the spaces around you affect your productivity, mood, and effectiveness. It’s the beginning of realizing how to use space, light, color, and shape to your advantage. By taking a deep dive into yourself, you can start to change your own personal world.

Design The World To Get What You Want

Every environment can be changed, manipulated, and altered to perfectly suit your needs, goals, and desires. Whether you’re a CEO in a boardroom, a salesman in a pitch, or a homemaker looking to get the most out of your living room, David can tell you how to specifically improve and design your space to maximize your efficiency and success.

Building a Company From The Ground Up

David is more than a designer. He founded and built David Korins Design from foundation to penthouse, by pulling up his bootstraps and digging into the hard work of being a business owner. In the twenty years since, he has grown into an entrepreneurial guru, a business mogul, and a leading creative influencer. Now, he wants to share his expertise with the world.

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David Korins

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