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July 16, 2019

Relationship Economics- David Nour on the Beyond Speaking Podcast

Global thought leader and growth strategist David Nour shares how being an immigrant built his expertise in relationships, how Americans differ from the world in business, and...
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August 02, 2010

VIDEO: Reinventing Your Business Model

David Nour, social media strategist and founder of Relationships Economics, has spent 2010 helping companies do the same thing: Get creative. For many companies, getting...
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August 27, 2009

101 Twitter Tools to Help Achieve Your Relationship-Centric Goals

David Nour is a globally renowned social networking strategist. The following is an excerpt from his blog "Relationship Economics": In advance of my upcoming Social Networking...
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July 08, 2009

10 Interesting Stats about Twitter

Over the last year, Twitter has become the hottest social media tool around, and it has left many companies trying to figure out if and how to best use Twitter for their needs....
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