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5 Ways to Make Your Idea Become Reality

Being the only women in the room of technology world, the single female on a
discussion panel at event on emerging tech is leading by example. How can you
make your dreams come true and build a software company without technical
skills? Where to get courage to speak up and being heard? How to...

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TED-Talk “3D Dimensional Way to Empower Future Growth Mindset"

TED-talk technology in education and its influence on the future of the kids as
the workforce of the future. How technology can enforce personalized learning,
help kids to gain new skills and empower the growth mindset. Why do we need
to introduce the technology at primary school and what are the...

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Metaskills development with Augmented Reality in K12

Technological advancement is empowering the global education system to re-think emerging edtech (AR, VR and AI).
We all think that innovative technologies like Augmented Reality will change the way we learn in the future BUT the future is already here. Why technologies are entering our lives as...

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AR Digital Innovation to Save Education

Covid-19 has pushed schoos for remote learning and has created challenges that education was not ready for. How can the education survive? Is there any technology to support parents and teachers?
Suggestion of tech showcase for remote and inclusive learning proudly develped in EU. This technology...

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Polymath is the new normal

Polymath is a person of wide knowledge or learning. New evolving skills are important in our constantly chanaging world driven by technology. How can we prepare kids to be future polymaths? How technology is involved?
Interactive session is full of interesting and engaging facts about the...

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