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Challenging cultural views of beauty and identity through story, song, and the occasional surprise ending, Constance Rhodes is a refreshing voice for those seeking conference, chapel and event speakers willing to get real about a woman's struggle to be perfect.

Constance's primary keynote speech "The Perfection Trap" explores the downside of our national obsession with achievement and appearance and the negative impact it can have on our health and wellness, physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually.

Her recent "Month Without Makeup" experiment serves at the basis for another life-changing presentation, in which audio and video interviews conducted during the experiment reveal the flaws in our modern concept of what is attractive to others. The surprise ending includes original music and an unexpected on-stage reveal that will leave audiences talking long after the event.

Her educational keynote, "Eating Disorders 101" is a fast-paced 50 minute primer on disordered eating, including EDNOS (Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified). While chock full of the latest research and statistics, this multimedia presentation is anything but boring, even as it includes handouts with citations.

Each of these presentations can work with each other or as separate units, as desired by the host.

A former marketing director for Sparrow Records (EMI), Constance was selected in 2006 as one of the "Top 50 Activists, Artists, and Innovators" (The Relevant Nation), and is quickly earning her place as a key leader and innovator in providing consumer-directed resources for disordered eaters.

She is the Founder and CEO of FINDINGbalance, a faith-based non-profit organization with an emphasis on eating and body image issues. Her curriculum and other small group tools are used all over the world, through the use of modern technology and web downloads.

Constance is the author of two books, "Life Inside the 'Thin' Cage: A Personal Look into the Hidden World of the Chronic Dieter" and "The Art of Being: Reflections on the Beauty and the Risk of Being Who We Are" (both titles WaterBook/Random House).

Her original song "To Be Free" appears on Tell Me What You See, a recording produced by Music for the Soul to benefit those struggling with eating disorders.

Constance's media appearances include PBS, Focus on the Family, Good Morning Texas, The Harvest Show, At Home Live, Dawson McAllister Live, American Family Radio, and Church Communication Network (CCN) broadcasts.

She is a frequent convocation speaker at universities including Pepperdine, Baylor, and Indiana Wesleyan University, has conducted educational presentations for profesional groups including the American Association of Christian Counselors and the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and has a particular passion for women's conferences.

Whether speaking to thousands alongside noted Christian speakers such as Kay Arthur, George Barna, and Priscilla Shirer, or leading a small group at Fb's pilot community center in Franklin, TN, Constance's passion for sharing a message of truth, hope and freedom is consistent, contagious, and most of all, easily accessible by the millions of people who long for freedom from the scale.

Constance and her husband AJ have been married for thirteen years, and reside in Franklin, Tennessee with their three children, Christian (2001), Asher (2004) and Sophia (2007).