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"We want to use this opportunity to thank you for your time, wisdom, and amazing energy on our call yesterday. We speak on behalf of our team when we say that this was an exceptional and insightful call. Your contributions, deep thinking, and fascinating stories set the stage and tone for an incredible conversation. We are so excited to add you to our luminary network and are already looking forward to engaging with you again soon!"
Khatdija Meghjani - BrightHouse
"This world-famous mountaineer is surprisingly down to earth. His genuine nature, and wisdom, are as compelling as the stories that living a life on the edge of cliffs engenders. It has been my pleasure to hear many wonderful speakers, and watch the reactions of the audience through the camera lens. Not all have engaged the audience in the same way that Conrad Anker does. He skillfully uses both words and visual aids to convey his message and passion. It was a pleasure to share a few moments with Conrad Anker, and we deeply appreciate the time that he spent with us, and our students, in celebration of such an important milestone in their lives."
Barbara Smith - Executive Communications Manager, University of Utah