Clinton R. Van Zandt

Clinton R. Van Zandt, Conflict Management Clinton R. Van Zandt, Conflict Management

Clinton R. Van Zandt Text Reviews

Thank you for participating in "Inside Media" at the Newseum. Your comments were insightful and informative and the audience reaction was overwhelmingly positive. We hope you enjoyed the program and look forward to working with you again.
Rick Foster - Program Director, the Newseum
It was wonderful having Clint speak at our Talk Series. All comments from attendees have been superlative and we loved having him and his wife as both our guests and our speaker.
Irene & Duane Higent - Wisconsin Hospital Aux.
Thank you is not even the beginning of how we feel about all he has accomplished for our organization. Clint's most recent presentation was exceptional in content and delivery. He had the full attention of the audience from his first sentence to the last.
Bill Thiesen - The SPES Society
I greatly benefited from Clint's presentation concerning child predators and have used his handouts about "What Children Need to Know" and "The Characteristics and Early Warning Signs of an Abusive Individual" well.
John Harrington - Assoc. of Independent Schools of Florida
The stories you talked about were ones we've all heard about on the news, but we were never made privy to the "inside story" as you told it. You've led a fascinating life, and we were honored that you could share some of your experiences with us.
William W. Pugh - National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc.
Clint has presented 31 in-school programs at middle schools, high schools and colleges in southwest Florida. He has a unique ability of injecting personal experiences from his student years into the program, allowing the group to identify with him.
Bill Thiesen - The SPES Society
We were delighted by all that we learned from him and were riveted by his stories and unbridled enthusiasm. Thanks so much for his efforts to incorporate our corporate needs so seamlessly and wonderfully into his comments; that meant so much to our team.
Alexandra Golinkin - Conde Nast Publications
The feedback that I have received from association members was "great," "very informative," "an eye-opener," "a great speaker that knows how to get the attention of an audience!"
Bill Morande - Greater Hartford Auto Dealers Assoc.
As always, it was a pleasure working with Clint. His lectures are both fresh and interesting, and he consistently draws some of our larger audiences. His interaction with our onboard guests is appreciated, and we look forward to his return to our ship.
Gary Hunter - Cruise Ship Cruise Director
Clint Van Zandt was a lecturer onboard our ship Olympia Voyager. As a former FBI hostage negotiator, he had them riveted to every word, as he is witty and a fantastic speaker. He always took the time to chat with our guests and answer all questions.
Sammi Conneen-Baker - Royal Olympia Cruise Line
I would highly recommend Clint Van Zandt as a speaker on topics such as Homeland Security, airline safety and family security. Talk Radio KLIF hosted a Homeland Security Summit at which Clint spoke and we were very impressed.
Heather Gooze - 570 KLIF Talk Radio - Dallas, TX
Clint's presentation was a huge part of our annual sales meeting. Everyone was thrilled to hear his discussion of the similarities between hostage and business negotiations. We appreciate his taking the time to prepare for our specific group.
Cara Gorman - Lucky Magazine
Thank you for your remarkable presentation at the 2007 National Campus Security Summit. Your presentation provided the over 500 attendees with an overview of the background of threat profiling, even while you gave attendees a glimpse of future sessions.
Donald R. Hamilton - Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism (MIPT)
Thank you for your excellent presentation of "Protecting Yourself from Acts of Terrorism" to the Mary Washington ElderStudy organization. Presentations like yours are what make ElderStudy such a valuable experience for its members.
Ed Jones - Mary Washington ElderStudy
Thank you for your participating in the National Campus Security Summit. You set the stage for a day of important information-sharing and your knowledge and expertise were essential to the message we all needed to hear.
Cynthia E. Rolfe, Ed. D., Ph.D., VP for Info Tech - University of Central Oklahoma