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Clayton Anderson is as American as mom, baseball and apple pie. He is an outstanding motivational speaker especially to a younger audience. . . . His message is that you can do whatever you put your mind to as long as you work hard and never give up.
Rod Bates, General Manager - Nebraska Educational Telecommunications (NET)
Astronaut Clayton Anderson spoke to over 1000 of our members in October 2012 and was a success from start to finish. . . . Clayton's presentation appealed to all ages and gave the audience a clearer understanding into the life of a NASA astronaut.
Carrie May, VP Lecture Coordinator - Omaha Town Hall
We hired Clay Anderson to speak to a group of 200 BP new hire employees. Clay presented material from his career at NASA, addressing the value of personal and institutional courage and effectively relating the technical challenges faced by NASA and BP.
Aubrey Collie - BP Challenge Summit