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Tim Lee, Disabilities motivational, personal development, overcoming adversity, faith & freedom, Men's Ministries, Evangelism & Outreach Tim Lee, Disabilities motivational, personal development, overcoming adversity, faith & freedom, Men's Ministries, Evangelism & Outreach
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Tim Lee: Journey of Faith
Tim Lee: Making a Difference in the World for Christ
Tim Lee: Place Your Hope In God
Tim Lee: Not Throwing in the Towel

Tim Lee

American Hero

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About Tim Lee

Tim Lee was born and raised in southern Illinois to John and Wanda Lee. In 1971 while serving in the United States Marine Corps in South Vietnam while leading his Marines on a mine sweep near Hill 55, Quang Nam Province, South Vietnam he gave both of his legs to America. Instead of quitting or becoming bitter God used this major event in Tim’s life to propel him into a ministry that no one could have imagined at that time.

Tim pastored for five years in southern Illinois. He understands the ...

I was personally very inspired by Tim and his testimony. A modern day hero. I've shown his tract to others and recommended him as a speaker already.

Kirk Cameron - Actor

It is a joy and privilege to recommend Tim Lee Ministries. All ages will be touched by his engaging story and preaching. God used him in so many ways to touch the hearts of our congregation and the friends that came with them. Many people came to salvation the two times we had him in Lubbock. I recommend him without any reservations.

Dr. David Wilson - Southcrest Baptist Church

Tim has preached at our Church nearly every year since 1992.We have seen hundreds walk the aisle to be saved! August 2017 there were 105 recorded salvations!

Pastor Gordon Godfrey - Marcus Pointe Baptist Church

My dear friend Tim Lee is a man of God and an American hero. Revival and Evangelism is synonymous with his ministry and I enthusiastically encourage you to invite Tim to your church or organization. Every time we have this gifted evangelist at Prestonwood, God moves in powerful, life changing ways.

Pastor Jack Graham - Prestonwood Baptist Church

Tim Lee is an evangelist in every sense of the word. He preaches the gospel and people are evangelized and it happens every time he has preached at our church for over 35 years!

Pastor Phil Martin - Metro Baptist Church

Tim Lee is one of America's great heroes. He has a genuine faith that has been forged by fire. Like Job of the Old Testament he has faced adversity and triumphed through his tremendous faith. Your people will be captivated by his preaching, inspired by his life and their lives will be radically changed. When Tim gives the invitation be ready for a harvest.

Dr. Frank Cox, Senior Pastor - North Metro Baptist Church
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