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Tal Prince

Author, Speaker and host of "Tal Prince Live" on Sirius radio

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Birmingham, AL, US
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Tal Prince brings his unique style and passionate inspiration throughout North America as he speaks on a variety of topics. He is a nationally recognized preacher and a creative and engaging communicator. Tal incorporates artistic elements such as music, video, humor, drama, and movie clips in his preaching and teaching. At the top of Tal's list of concerns is the plague of pornography, which he attacks with tenacity in multiple venues including conferences and seminars, radio and TV ...

Tal has no pedestal to stand on, no platform to ascend . . . Tal Prince has the courage to speak the truth, & the compassion to hold you up when the consequences of that truth hit home.

Darin McWatters - Hume Lake Christian Camps

The goal was not to terrify the congregation but wake them up to the reality of what the American family is facing today. They left, thanks to Tal, w/ not only an awareness, but a battle plan to take action. Tal's message was Gospel-centered and timely.

Blake Kersey, Children's Pastor - First Baptist Church Trussville, AL

Skyline is still feeling the effects of his visit, as new ministries were born out of his time here. His creative and humorous style helped bring difficult issues to light. Tal is not just a talented speaker, but a gifted ministry partner.

Jim Garlow, Pastor - Skyline Wesleyan Church - San Diego, CA

With courageous honesty flanked by authentic care and humor, Tal battles popular culture and destroys the common lies that imprison countless men and women. He is living proof that prisoners of this sinister enemy can be set free . . .

Gregg Madsen - Pastor, Crete Berean Church

He dealt with real issues & offered a door to freedom from addictions that have held many bound for years. The men that occupy 18,000 acres of what was once the most violent prison in America were totally captivated by Tal Prince.

Robert Toney - Corrections Program Manager I, Louisiana State Penitentiary

Tal Prince--is a friend-- The Bible says, "if a man would have friends, he must show himself to be friendly." This is one of the great reasons that my friend Tal is used to much by God. He befriends people and sincerely loves them.

Dr. Mike MacIntosh, Pastor - Horizon Christian Fellowship
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