Stephen Dervan Bio

Stephen Dervan is a native of Albany, Georgia and has been in ministry over 10 years. Growing up in a broken home where church attendance was sporadic at best, Stephen got into trouble both at home and at school. It wasn't until he was invited to go to a youth camp the summer between his seventh and eighth grade year that his life changed. It was there when he accepted Jesus' love for him and was forgiven. His life would never to be the same again. Stephen believes that laughter is a gift and he uses his unique sense of humor to make an audience feel at home.

Stephen began his career in ministry as a campus minister at Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia where he spent each morning on area campuses connecting with students. He then moved to Atlanta where he served two churches as a student pastor. In May of 2008, He and his family accepted a call to Bartlett, TN to serve Faith Baptist Church as Associate Pastor to Students. He has traveled across the country speaking at youth camps, retreats, conferences, and more. He believes that God deeply loves people and he loves spending time with them.

Stephen has traveled to several countries teaching the Bible and speaking at conferences such as: Honduras, Hungry, Romania, Belize, Jamaica (3x), Puerto Rico, Brazil (2x), and Guatemala.


Actor in 2008 Movie "Fireproof" (Wayne Floyd)
Stephen's first role was as the hilarious hot sauce drinking fireman. Stephen accepted this role because his father was the driver at station 1 where the movie was filmed. Stephen also grew up in a home that was plagued by divorce.
Actor in 2011 Movie "The Grace Card" (Mitch Saunders)

His second role was as a rookie cop that provided a bit of comic relief as well. He took this role because the film centered on racial reconciliation, grace, and salvation. Growing up in the Deep South, Stephen is no stranger to racism. He even attended college at a Historical Black University on a minority scholarship. (Albany State University)

Stephen married his high school sweetheart they have four children (3 boys and 1 girl) and one is adopted.