MP Podcast 003: Is having fun in your marriage extra or essential?

MP Podcast 003: Is having fun in your marriage extra or essential?


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Show Notes

Is having fun in your marriage extra or essential?

Busyness, kids, exhaustion… There’s a lot that gets in the way of having fun in marriage. Plus, marriage is serious business! Is having fun even that essential? Or is it just an ‘extra’? Join us as we dive into this question!

The Tension: We all want to have fun in our marriage, but there are a lot of ‘fun barriers’

  • Busyness
  • Seriousness
  • Children
  • Exhaustion
  • Uncertainty
  • Time suckers
  • Fun doesn’t seem important

But here’s the truth: The best way to protect your marriage is to enjoy it

No one is telling us to protect our marriage – we know we’re supposed to work at it, but not necessarily to enjoy it. But the truth is, enjoying your marriage is great for you, your spouse and your kids!

Your one simple thing this week: Do one fun thing for your spouse

Having fun doesn’t have to be hard work or expensive! In fact, sometimes watching T.V. can be fun and interactive. Just figure out how you have fun with your spouse, and do that!

The great thing about being adults is that culture isn’t the boss of us, we’re the boss of us. We can carve out the time for the things we love.

  • Do something spontaneous
  • Schedule a date night

CJ: We’re very scheduled people, so I need to try to build in a little spontaneity for Teri. Maybe we’ll go out for ‘real’ ice cream (not frozen yogurt) after our next date.

Afton: While Hudson is on the road, I’m going to try to respond to 50% of his text messages with gifs

Ted: I have a scuba suit (for scuba diving) around the house that I put on when things need to lighten up. I think it needs to make an appearance this week.

Thanks for joining us for the Married People Podcast! We hope today’s episode helped you realize that marriage is a little easier, and more fun, than you think! We hope you’ll subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and leave a review – they help us make the podcast better.

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Finally – join us next week when we ask the question “What is one thing that can (almost) every marriage better?”

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