Cynthia Wenz | Keynote Speaker for Pro-Life Movement, Women in Business (President/CEO) and Author of Healed for Life

Cynthia Wenz

Keynote Speaker for Pro-Life Movement, Women in Business (President/CEO) and Author of Healed for Life

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Cynthia Wenz

Cynthia Wenz, a three-time post-abortive woman and nationally recognized advocate for Life, is the Founder and CEO of Healed for Life Ministries, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to championing and amplifying the voices of those who have healed or are healing from post-abortion experiences. She brings a wealth of experience, having previously served as the Regional Director of Donor Relations for Care Net, a network comprising over 1,100 pregnancy centers across the United States, where she actively supported the growth of these centers and the pro-abundant life movement.

Cynthia's remarkable leadership on the front lines has garnered attention from major Houston news networks, National Public Radio, WORLD Magazine, the Texas Tribune, Houston and Austin Chronicles, Unshackled and Focus on the Family. Her impactful work has earned her a spot on the list of the Top 30 Most Influential Women in Houston.

Cynthia is not only a dedicated professional but also a loving wife to her husband, Chris, and a mother to three sons: Roman who is married to Josephine, Justice and Caleb. She also embraces her role as a grandmother to three precious grandchildren: Titus Christopher, and twins Anne Augusta and Eleanor Rose.

Beyond her advocacy and family, Cynthia is deeply committed to her principles of faith, family, and fitness.

Cynthia Wenz
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Cynthia Wenz
Featured Book

Healed for Lifeby Cynthia Wenz

Healed for Life

by Cynthia Wenz

The truly remarkable stories are not of lives that have gone astray, but of those who have gone astray and have been incredibly redeemed, and wholly healed. That is Cynthia Wenz's story, not of a victim, but of someone who learned the healing God offers everyone, and who chose to fully embrace that healing.

At 29, in a flurry of confusion and hurry, Cynthia followed her doctor's urging for a third abortion. But after weeks of exhaustion, she discovered why she was feeling so odd--she was still pregnant. She had been carrying twins, and one of the babies had survived.

In Healed for Life, Cynthia shares her life story leading up to and beyond that pivotal moment: a story of family abuse and alcoholism, promiscuity, drugs, two teenage abortions, depression, eating disorders, and toxic relationships. But Cynthia learned that, as heartbreaking as a past might be, God can heal--not partially, but fully--and that everyone who has struggled with pain has a choice: to stay submerged in the hurt, or to walk in the fullness of God's healing.

Cynthia Wenz
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Cynthia Wenz

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