Ron McGehee and Kerri Pomarolli

Ron McGehee and Kerri Pomarolli

Two (Newly Married) Comedians Featured on Comedy Central, The Tonight Show and Many Top Comedy Venues

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Los Angeles, California, United States
About Ron McGehee and Kerri Pomarolli

Laugh and learn as recently married comedians, Ron McGehee and Kerri Pomarolli have you doubled over in laughter with their effervescence and energy. You will love their stories of when a Korean Irish Comic marries a Southern Belle Italian Comic who was secretly praying to marry an "Investment Banker" so she could "Submit to Not Going to work!" Kerri and Ron are entertaining, animated and between their wit and humor they are a comedy team whose sidesplitting antics are purely ...

The comedian was engaging, energetic and brought more than a laugh a minute. Some members told me that they were actually tired and sore from laughing. One said as they left, "Laughter is good medicine, and he was good medicine."

Kyle Kiser, Senior Staff, Outreach - Richland Hills Church of Christ (TX)

The event went fantastic! The comedian was outstanding and we had our largest turnout ever for a marriage event. This was a significant investment for our church but it was well worth it! We will definitely do this again in the future.

Darren Wyatt - Willowbrook Church
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