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Mike Foster is a gifted leader, communicator, author and television commentator dedicated to helping people experience God's grace and freedom. He is a student of the human heart and soul and a nationally recognized expert in helping people turn their setbacks into superpowers. Through his resources, workshops and innovative tools, Mike has become a specialist in helping people dream new dreams, break free from hurts and find purpose in their pain. Over the past 15 years, his best-selling tools and resources have helped over 1,000,000 people crush shame, unhook from unhealthy habits and live each day in freedom. In 2001, Mike co-founded XXXchurch.com and lead one of the most ground-breaking ministry launches in recent history. Through the development of creative campaigns and practical tools to help people grow, XXXchurch was a force to be reckoned with pornography's impact on a generation. With the help of Mike's leadership and creative expertise, XXXchurch developed a state of the art accountability software that tens of thousands of people use today. After leaving XXXchurch in 2007, Mike in 2010 founded People of the Second Chance to help people experience the transformational power of grace in their lives. The ministry leveraged the power of social media, innovative campaigns and Mike's brilliant research on self care, addiction and identity formation to help people in their not-so-perfect stories. In 2013, Mike self-published a 6-step curriculum called "Freeway: A Not-So-Perfect Guide To Freedom" that has sold over 150,000 copies and has been used by over 1000 churches. In 2016, Mike published "People of the Second Chance: A Guide To Bringing Life-Saving Love To The World" with Waterbrook Publishing. The reviews for the book were phenomenal and Gabe Lyons, founder of the Q, said that "Mike is this generation's Brennan Manning. His passion for helping us live as God's beloved is awe inspiring, and this manifesto for second-chance living is exactly what our world needs right now." Mike is also the creator of Rescue Academy Workshop and Online Training experience. This innovative leadership training course teaches people how to coach and counsel hurting people. His live workshops sell out every time and this year over 1000 leaders will be trained in Mike's strategies, tools and tactics to help people thrive again after a setback. With his unique ability to translate both faith and cultural messages, Mike has been featured in the New York Times, GQ Magazine and on Good Morning America. He is also featured on the FOX5 Morning Show which is the highest rated morning show in San Diego. Mike's common sense approach to faith and his willingness to be authentic with the viewers has been a hit with both religious and non-religious viewers. Mike lives in San Diego with his wife Jennifer who he has been married to for 21 years. He enjoys sailing, tacos and reading a good book at the beach.