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Brian Tome

Adventurer, Author, Pastor, and Founder of Man Camp. Guiding you to the adventurous life you were made for.

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Cincinnati , OH
About Brian Tome

Brian Tome was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, where he studied theology at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary. After responding to an ad in the back of a magazine from a group of 11 people who wanted to start a church for their friends who had given up on church but not on God, Brian moved to Cincinnati, OH, and started Crossroads Church in 1996. Brian continues today as the Senior Pastor of Crossroads, a multi-site church which is considered one of the largest and ...

Brian is a force. Storyteller, pastor, discipler of men, and innovator and pioneer as a leader and church builder. And continues to impact and influence the greater Cincinnati area, as well as leaders around the US.

Brad Lomenick - H3 Leadership & The Catalyst Leader

Brian is a leader that is actively engaged in the present, but everything he does is about the future. He is innovative and strategic, always pushing himself and others to courageous and boldly blaze the trail in a way that keeps all eyes on Jesus.

Teresa Tanner, Former Executive Vice President - Fifth Third Bank

I love keeping up online with Brian Tome and Crossroads Church. He's an innovative and game-changing leader. Brian spoke at our 2020 conference and was by far my favorite talk out of 120 speakers. I recently shared his talk with the pastor and staff of a mega-church in California and told them they could learn so much about ministry in 2021 and beyond by watching Brian's talk. He's direct, clear, compelling, and speaks with authority. He's a welcome addition to any speaking lineup and will always have an open invitation to our events. I highly recommend his ministry.

Greg Atkinson, Bestselling Author and Founder - First Impressions Conference and Worship Impressions

As a conference organizer, I'm always happy to put Brian on the lineup because I know he's going to bring something unique something on theme something born out of deep passion and from a place of authenticity. I've never seen a canned talk or mailed in message from Brian Tome. He views each opportunity to step in front of a group of people as a sacred opportunity to bring them further along in their journey.

Luke Dooley, President - OCEAN Programs

Brian Tome exemplifies what every entrepreneur needs - faith. He casts a compelling vision, usually without clarity on how to get to the outcome, and moves forward aggressively in faith.

Scott Weiss, Former CEO - Evenflo

It's rare to find a leader with that combination of a drive to excel, the patience to allow the creative process to bear fruit, and a recognition that the goal is not to always be right, but to get it right. Anyone can get lucky once or twice, but Brian Tome has modeled over decades the heart and discipline of a true innovator, always seeking new ways of communicating and connecting. He once quipped, 'fear is often the smell of opportunity'. Brian never allows fear to stand in the way of his calling.

Todd Henry, Founder - Accidental Creative
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