Mark Burns Text Reviews

Pastor Burns message was very powerful and was extremely well received by a large audience. The audience was captivated even though there were a lot of distractions throughout the arena. They paid close attention and were with the speaker throughout the entire time.
Dr. Ben Carson - Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Pastor Mark Burns speaks with courage and conviction. His message is stirring and timely.
Tony Perkins, President - Family Research Council
Pastor Burns' powerful, electrifying speech at the Republican National Convention captivated millions of Americans. Pastor Burns has a unique gift of motivating any audience with his inspiring message of unity.
Dr. Robert Jeffress, Pastor - First Baptist Church, Dallas
Pastor Mark Burns is a gifted communicator who motivates, moves and inspires masses through his skilled leadership ability. He speaks with passion and persuasion to bring conviction and action to his subject matter. He is a true rising star with a proven track record to soar in any environment he is placed.
Paula White, Pastor - New Destiny Christian Center, Florida
Pastor Burns has a gift to motivate and inspire anyone who listens to him speak. He speaks with true passion to unify anyone or any audience that is listening.
Jentezen Franklin, Senior pastor - Free Chapel, Georgia