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Ken Mansfield

Former US Manager Beatles Apple Records and author of "The Beatles, The Bible, and Bodega Bay"

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Panama City , FL, US
About Ken Mansfield

Most people can only imagine what it was like to be with the Beatles---not only as an executive in charge of their U.S. Apple Records operation but also as a friend and personal liaison between the U.S. and U.K. for the individual Beatles. Ken Mansfield was there with them when they came to America in 1965 and was on board right up to their breakup. Personal relationships continued after leaving Apple as well as a business relationship with Ringo that went into the 1990's.'s ...

Ken knocked it out of the ball park tonight at the Magnification event at Saddleback. A great time was had by all!

Bucky Rosenbaum, CEO - Saddleback Church

Ken held the audience spellbound and captured the hearts of listeners both saved and unsaved. The sincerity of his sharing of how Christ's love caused many to rise up at the call of salvation and prayer needs and come to the altar.

Jeffrey Paul, Minister - Church on the Rise

Despite a holiday weekend and a Rocky Mountain snowstorm an extra 400 friends came out to hear Ken--a wonderful story-teller and a strong teacher of the God-led life. This was not about the Beatles--it was about God's grace.

Rev. David Meserve - Cherry Hills Community Church

Ken has been down roads so unique that many of us only read about lives like his in novels or see them in blockbuster movies. This book is sure to inspire you, and help you to doubt your doubts, and place your faith in God.

Kirk Cameron - Actor and Producer

Ken Manfield's words are poetic and powerful as he brings us along on the journey of restoration and healing with great honesty and transparency. No matter what you may be facing, this book will touch your heart forever. . .

Nancy Alcorn, Founder and President - Mercy Ministries

Ken's thoughts make me think and open my eyes to new horizons, new ideas, and a broader view of the God we serve. His story is simply riveting! Ken is a fighter, a survivor, and a poet. You will be blessed by his words.

Lincoln Brewster - Integrity Music recording artist
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