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Kelly Needham: What Does it Mean to Know God?
Kelly Needham: Friendish Book Trailer
Kelly Needham: Why Differences are a Good Thing in Friendship
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Kelly Needham: Navigating Change in Friendship
Kelly Needham: Life in the Spirit

Kelly Needham

Author, Speaker, Bible Teacher, Friendship Guru, Adoption Advocate

About Kelly Needham

Kelly Needham hopes to convince as many people as possible that nothing compares to knowing Jesus. She teaches the Bible at her home church and co-leads a Women’s Teaching Program, training women to accurately handle the word of truth. She is the author of Friendish: Reclaiming Real Friendship in a Culture of Confusion and is a frequent blogger and speaker. Her new book, Purposefooled: Why Chasing Your Dreams, Finding Your Calling, and Reaching for Greatness Will Never Be Enough, ...

Kelly Needham was a great speaker for our women's event. She worked with us before the event to discover what we were expecting and needed. During the event, Kelly was warm and gracious, available to those that attended, willing to make adjustments and fit into our plans. Her presentation on friendship was gospel-centered, down-to-earth, applicable, challenging, encouraging. We would ask her back in a heartbeat.

Della Loewen, Team Leader for the Women's Ministry Council - Grace Community Church

Trustworthy. Theologically rich. Insightful. Biblical. Engaging. These words come to mind when I think of Kelly Needham. If you're looking for someone to take the Scriptures (the point of which is the person of Jesus), and apply them to the lives of people in helpful ways, Kelly is your fit.

Rodney Hobbs, Lead Pastor - Stonegate Church
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