Kathy Koch PhD

Kathy Koch PhD, Parenting, Family parenting, homeschool, christian, Christian Youth, kids, family Kathy Koch PhD, Parenting, Family parenting, homeschool, christian, Christian Youth, kids, family

Kathy Koch PhD Speech Topics

Homeschool Programs
8 Great Smarts: Understand How Children are Smart and Why it Matters All children have eight intelligences that can be used when learning. Each one will be defined and illustrated. Learn how to help your children learn with all 8 and how they are relevant to academic success, spiritual growth,...
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Created to Be (Pro-Life talk)
Dr. Kathy’s upbeat and humorous style; her obvious love for God, life, and the audience; and truths and stories the audience can relate to will cause everyone to connect with Kathy. Therefore, people will be more open to new thoughts and feelings. They will respond with generous contributions. As...
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8 Great Smarts: All Children Are Smart – Help Them Believe It!
Every child need to know they’re smart. Being smart empowers them to believe in their todays and tomorrows, to expect some learning to be easy, and to study when something isn’t. Being smart gives them hope. If there are 8 distinct and proven ways of being smart (word, logic, picture, music,...
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Resiliency: A Necessary Ability for Today’s Times
Children who are resilient bounce back quickly from difficulties and disappointments. Resiliency starts as a choice and can become a part of who they are. It must! Children who are not resilient will be forever defined by trauma and stress. They’ll be pessimistic; stuck in their anger and grief;...
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Identity: I’m Stressed and Depressed – Does Anything Else Matter?
Many teens are overwhelmed and giving up. They’re anxious, confused, angry, and too many are suicidal. They must know the rest! They’re talented, multi-passionate, concerned, and wanting to solve problems. These are good qualities! How children see and define themselves matters greatly because...
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Conversations About “Tough Stuff”
Children’s thoughts and feelings are always important. In times of confusion and crisis, they matter even more. How do we make it more likely that our children will come to us with their questions, confusions, doubts, and fears about God, themselves, and the culture? How can we help them be...
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