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China sanctions Trump's former evangelical adviser over religious freedom advocacy
A former spiritual adviser to former PresidentDonald Trumphas been sanctioned byChinafor his human rights advocacy and his activism in exposing human rights abuses committed by the country on Uyghur Muslims, Christians, and other persecuted groups. "If the cost of sanctioning Chinese officials responsible for human rights abuses in China is t...
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US evangelical leader Johnnie Moore sanctioned by China for religious freedom advocacy
China sanctioned a United States private citizen and evangelical leader on Wednesday for exposing human rights abuses and standing up for the religious freedom of Uyghur Muslims, Christians and other minority faith groups that are being silenced and oppressed. Rev. Johnnie Moore, a two-time commissioner who served on the U.S. Commission on In...
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Prestigious 'Medal of Valor' Conferred Upon Johnnie Moore by the Simon Wiesenthal Center
The Simon Wiesenthal Center honorsJohnnie Moore alongside NBCUniversal Vice Chairman Ron Meyer and posthumous honorees the late Israeli statesman Shimon Peres and World War II soldier Roddie Edmonds, at the center's 2017 Annual National Tribute Dinner. BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - The Simon Wiesenthal Center, a leading Jewish human rights organiza...
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The ISIS Humanitarian Disaster
Author and activist Johnnie Moore on what ISIS really wants and what Christians can do to help the group's victims. The Islamic State is one of the most brutal terrorist groups in recent memory. The group has displaced millions of people in the Middle East, helped organize killings in North Africa and recruited members from all over the world...
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Evangelical Author: Western Christians Don't Care Enough About ISIS' 'Once-in-a-1,000-Year Threat' t
Evangelical author and former vice president of Liberty University, Johnnie Moore, asserted in a book to be published in April, that Western Christians don't care enough about the threat posed by the Islamic State, which is attempting to wipe out Christianity in the Middle East. "I am convinced that one of the reasons why Christians in the West...
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Why I'm optimistic about Christianity's future
Article from I've been asked more times than I can remember by secular people and the secular press if Christianity is now, truly...finally...a dying religion. The scenario plays out a bit like this. A reporter, after rattling off a steady stream of apocalyptic examples "supported by research," then asks something like: "Given the...
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My Take: Jesus was a dirty, dirty word
Editor's note:Johnnie Moore is the author ofDirty God(#DirtyGod). He is a professor of religion and vice president at Liberty University. ByJohnnie Moore, Special to CNN (CNN) -Jesus was a lot more like you than you think, and a lot less clean cut than this iconic image of him that floats around culture. You know the image. It's the one where...
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My Faith: Why We're Doing Church on Facebook Tonight
We're a congregation of thousands of college students. Why would we do church on Facebook? Because it's where we are already. For us at Liberty University, this epiphany came when we were faced with the colossal challenge this week of being a homeless congregation. Each Wednesday, thousands of us from Liberty and our local community gather i...
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