Jason & David Benham

Jason & David Benham Jason & David Benham
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Jason & David Benham: Benham Bros. - Speaking Points
Jason & David Benham: Pregnancy Center Banquet
Jason & David Benham: Prayer Breakfast
Jason & David Benham: Liberty U Convocation

Jason & David Benham

Pro-life activists and Advocates for Conservative Values

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Concord, NC, US
About Jason & David Benham

The Benham brothers, identical twins and former professional baseball players, are serial entrepreneurs and international business leaders, having created & developed several profitable businesses around the world. The same timing, skill, & determination that once benefited them on the baseball field catapulted them to the top of the business world in just a few short years. Their first company grew to 100 locations in 35 states and has been recognized by dozens of ...

The Benham brothers are men of courage and conviction. In an age where it pays to be grey these men walk their talk. The authentic and charismatic style of the Benhams will charm and challenge your audience.

Ken Coleman, Author - One Question: Life Changing Answers From Today's Leading Voices

I've heard David and Jason speak on many occasions and I love their self-deprecating humor and playful one-upsmanship. However, much more importantly, they passionately communicate a love for God, His Word, and their families.

Joe Paulo, Director of Broadcasting - New Life 91.9, WRCM - Charlotte

The Benham brothers are dynamic and powerful speakers. They live their faith on and off the platform, and grab the audience with their insight, stories, and passion. Every time I've heard them, they delivered more than was expected!

Alex Kendrick, Actor, Director, & Producer - Courageous, Fireproof, and Facing the Giants

As a personal friend of the Benham brothers I have had the opportunity to hear them speak on several occasions. Their successful business principles and riveting baseball stories were a tremendous blessing to me and my family.

Jim Bob Duggar - TLC's "19 Kids and Counting"

Hearing the Benham brothers speak was the most heartfelt experience that I've had in many, many years! I have never felt the "Relentless" pursuit of mind, body, spirit and professional growth potential as I did spending the last few days with the Benhams.

Karen Cooksey, Fund Asset Manager - PAF

At one conference, they had people in tears at least three times, and Jason's opening statements about marriage made one of the men in the audience step outside and call his wife to try and save their marriage.

Jonathon Melvin, Real Estate Broker - Chesapeake, VA
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