SFC Greg Stube (RET)

SFC Greg Stube (RET) SFC Greg Stube (RET)

SFC Greg Stube (RET) Bio


Born in Long Beach, CA, in 1969

Son of a career Navy man, Richard H. Stube

Enlisted to US Army Infantry in July, 1988

Selected for the Green Berets in November, 1992

Trained as Special Forces Medical Sergeant, 18D. Training included surgery, anesthesia, trauma management, pharmacology, minor dentistry, veterinary subjects and more, in order to help the "A-Team" function where there is no doctor

Attended Defense Language Training, acquiring proficiency in Russian Language, which was maintained throughout Special Forces career

Received additional skill training as a Dive Medical Technician at the Special Forces Underwater Operations Facility in Key West, FL

SERE Qualified (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape)

As a career parachutist, Stube earned the qualification of Jumpmaster and was ultimately awarded the Master Parachutist Badge

Participated in initial development of Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat training doctrine and 10th SFG(A) SFAUC course. Weapons capabilities and shooting remained at the core of Special Forces proficiency and competency throughout a career on the teams.

Stube spent what totals years in hostile fire zones with the Special Forces throughout the 1990s. He then served as Cadre in the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School.

While serving in Combat Operations in the Global War on Terror, Stube was wounded in Afghanistan during Operation Medusa. Stube's A-Team encountered overwhelming numbers of Taliban fighters in The Battle of Sperwan Ghar, which lasted over a week. Stube's wounds from a remotely detonated IED and enemy fire seemed fatal, but instead he survived to endure months of hospitalization and surgeries. Huge wounds to his abdomen, hip and pelvis eventually closed, his nearly severed leg was restored, and extensive full-thickness burns were grafted.

Stube has since retired with 23 years of service, to become the host of his own television show on NBC Sports, "Coming Home with Greg Stube." Since the conclusion of the tv series, public speaking, consulting, and charity work have made up the bulk of Stube's life after the military, with a focus on youth training and development. He currently serves as a leadership presenter for the FBI and the FBI National Academy, in DC and Quantico.