Derek Clark Speech Topics

Never Limit Your Life: From Personal to Professional

Corporate Motivational Speaker Derek Clark knows how to inspire employees, sales managers and sales staff to push themselves beyond their self perceived limits. Reserve Derek Clark now to boost employee morale and increase sales.

Derek Clark is an inspiring motivational speaker and author of...

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From Victim to Victor

An Inspirational Foster Care Success Story of Surviving Brutal Child Abuse, Overcoming Mental, Emotional & Behavioral Issues & Finding His Place in this World

Labels take on a life of their own as the words we speak and write have great power to build up, define or defeat a child. These...

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Connection and Correction

Derek Clark’s inspiring program provides insight and specific tools that will assist educators in connecting with vulnerable and grieving youth. Professionals will gain understanding and knowledge about childhood responses to traumatic experiences, how to ask questions that build trust and shape...

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The Spirit of a Child

You Cannot Think Negative About a Child and Expect a Positive Outcome

Derek teaches how to commit and build upon your strengths when encouraging children and youth to have hope. He also teaches you how to overcome negative thinking towards a specific child or troubled youth. The leaders need to...

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How to be a Fun, Fair & Firm Dad

Rapping Dad- Viral Video Sensation – Over 150 Million Views

Rapping dad phenomenon Derek Clark has been the talk of Instagram, Facebook andYouTube as he keeps the world updated periodically with adorable videos of him rapping with his children. He shares his incredible testimony and life story...

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Most youth are fighting a constant battle within themselves. Their personal battle might be a lack of self value, loss of self respect, loneliness, being labeled, suicide tendencies, trust, love, depression, insecurity, addiction or a sense of wanting to belong. The key to reinforcing hope is...

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Interactive Exercise: 3 Hours

After the students listen to Derek’s Inspiring story of overcoming adversity and sharing his leadership tools, the audience is now ready to inspire others. Derek uses music to show the at-risk youth, foster youth, high school students and student leaders how they can change the direction of their...

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Transfer of Learning

As a youth motivational speaker for at-risk youth, high schools and student leaders, Derek helps the youth modify their limited perception. A lot of youth go through high school feeling lost and hopeless. Derek helps them change their focus to see, feel and actually Hear Hope. Music is the tool...

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