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Nationally and internationally recognized author/speaker Dee Brestin has spent the past 25 years writing, speaking, encouraging and challenging women of all ages, from all stages of life, how to discover a life-changing intimacy with Jesus. Her first book, "Friendships of Women" has sold millions and has been recently revised (see to include additional topics wthat omen are being challenged with, especially in today's culture.

Dee Brestin brings to life the truth of God's Word through her use of real-life stories, humor, and clips from classic musicals. It is often said, "Dee keeps our attention - and helps us see the truth of Scripture as well as hear it." Dee began connecting with women with her classic, The Friendships of Women, and continues, understanding the needs of mothers, singles, and most recently, since the loss of her fifty-nine-year old husband, widows.

Dee feels called to help today's woman understand the truth of Scripture and to realize that "Jesus is inviting us to a "dance" - He longs for us to hear the music and to let Him lead." In her Bible studies and in her speaking, Dee helps women abandon themselves to "the Lord of the dance."

Most recently, Dee asked Kathy Troccoli to join her in writing a bible study series focused on approaching Jesus as our Bridegroom...with the emphasis, whether married or single, we are the Lords Beloved. "Falling in Love with Jesus" became the first in this in-depth bible study video trilogy followed by "Living in Love and Jesus" and "Forever in Love with Jesus".

Dee Brestin's passion lies in creating in-depth bible study materials for women. In all, Dee has written 24 studies for women. Dees series "A Womans Journey..." was nominated for a Gold Medallion Award and "A Woman of Worship" is one of her bestsellers today. Dee Brestin has been a repeated guest of Focus on the Family, Moody's Midday Connection and continues to enjoy speaking to women nationwide and internationally.