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Dean Wegner Speech Topics

Honoring Our American Heroes
Veterans and First Responders are our ‘American Heroes’. These brave men and women put their lives on the line each and every day to preserve the freedoms we hold dear. This keynote presentation is perfect for any patriotic gathering or national holiday (Veterans Day, Memorial Day, 9/11, etc…)...
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Faith First Values and Business Model
No need to compromise or abandon your core values and personal beliefs to build a successful business. Generosity, respect, servant leadership, quality, and teamwork, are all biblically inspired values which will make your business even stronger and motivate you and your team to go above and...
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The ‘Authentically’ American Way: America First Leadership and Business Model
Celebrating ‘Patriotism’, believing in the ‘American Worker’, and honoring our ‘American Heroes’: this is not the mantra of a political party or a candidate for higher office. These principles are the ethos of Authentically American; a Veteran owned, American made, premium apparel brand that is...
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