Dr. Damon Friedman | Decorated Special Operations Leader, Mental Health Advocate, Author of "Igniting Movements"

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Dr. Damon Friedman

Decorated Special Operations Leader, Mental Health Advocate, Author of "Igniting Movements"

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Dr. Damon Friedman
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Hope and Purpose
Inspiring All Audiences Through His Personal Story

Described as “electrifying,” Dr. Damon Friedman holds nothing back as he speaks about his life’s challenges. Damon conveys the hard lessons he learned raised in the streets of downtown Los Angeles; how he was able to persevere through some of the fiercest combat in Iraq and Afghanistan; and finally, the events that led to a life-changing experience with God. Damon’s moment of clarity altered the trajectory of his life and revealed his ultimate mission. Shared with passion and intensity, Damon’s testimony is one that listeners have praised as gripping, powerful, and heartfelt. “Recognize your purpose, find your superpower, and change the world for good.”

World Changer
Empowering Professionals to Change the World for Good

As a prior commander within special operations and now a leader in the non-profit community, Dr. Damon Friedman passionately communicates the challenges of leading elite faith-based organizations. Reflecting from his military service, doctoral studies, and non-profit experience, Damon instructs executives with topics such as: “Finding Your Purpose,” “How Good Leaders Attract Committed Followers,” and “The Shared Convictions that Unite a Movement.” From his nationally recognized book, Igniting Movements, Damon empowers leaders to be world changers with an instructional focus on leadership, ideological factors, organizational construct, and strategic output.

Be Resilient
Empowering Leaders to Be Resilient

Resiliency is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties or the ability of an object to return back to its prior shape. With 20 years of experience in military special operations, Dr. Damon Friedman tackles the topic of resiliency through lessons learned leading elite military operators and over a decade of experience in the non-profit realm revolutionizing veteran care. Specifically designed for military and veteran communities, Damon provides relevant and applicable tools to help build resiliency through his organization’s nationally recognized program the Resiliency Project; which focuses on physical, psychological, and social health; with a particular emphasis on spiritual health.

War at Home
Challenging Audiences to Overcome and Answer the Call

A continuing keynote that picks up where HOPE AND PURPOSE finishes, Dr. Friedman draws from the liberties we are privileged to have in this country and identifies the many factors that keep people from experiencing true personal freedom. He recounts various trials he faced after returning from combat, from dealing with PTSD and family relationships to the continual struggle in finding your identity and freedom. Damon encourages his audience by empowering them to overcome the challenges in their own lives. A powerful message for an audience that wants to be moved into action.

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Dr. Damon Friedman

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