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Brian Hicks

Brian Hicks, Sales Training Brian Hicks, Sales Training
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Brian Hicks: AFLAC Impact

Brian Hicks

Author & Humorous Sales/Motivational Speaker

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About Brian Hicks

Known for his humor and "truth told in love" delivery, Brian Hicks has been called everything from Bill Cosby to Billy Graham by audiences all over the United States. "You hit them with a 2x4," says one leader, "but they were laughing so hard they didn't even mind!"

With an onstage energy that's been called "an adrenaline rush," Brian is quickly becoming a sought-after speaker across the country. He has a unique ability to connect with both men's and women's groups, and especially enjoys ...

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Tend the Flame!

When Brian was married, his minister father read Leviticus 6:12-13 exhorting Brian and his new bride to “Tend the flame” of their relationship. He has since learned that his father’s advice applies ...

Astound Yourself Today!

Whether it’s a restored relationship or a passionate pursuit, we all dream of creating a new world for ourselves. More often that not, however, we don’t move from the dreaming to the doing. Brian ...

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Today's Daily DifferenceMaker

"If I'd have asked my customerswhat they wanted,they would have told me'a faster horse."- Henry Ford (1863-1947)Founder, Ford Motor CompanyFather of the Modern Assembly Line Ever wonder why your ...